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Top Reasons Why You Should Study In Norway

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    Norway is a top destination choice for international students wishing to study abroad

    In Europe. It prides itself as a country with one of the world’s highest living standard.

    In education the case isn’t different. The education in Norway is top quality and students

    don’t pay a fee at any level – Undergraduate, Masters even Ph.D.

    Although tuition is free, students have to pay a semester fee which amounts to about 66 Euros per semester, upon payment a semester card is issued. This fee is compulsory in order to take exams and it also entitles students to some additional benefits.

    The semester card grants access to sporting facilities, discounts for public transportation, concerts and museums.Exchange students are exempted from paying the semester fee – so take note!

    Norway offers great number of quality programs in English language. Majority of international students that come to Norway for studies always have positive things to say about the university staffs and the institution as well.

    Education in most institutions are focused on student interaction and involvement. Students can perform various project works and exercise independent thinking. Universities are backed by state funding so universities are well equipped to accommodate optimal learning experience.

    If Norway is top in your country of destination forpost-secondarystudies, ensure to take note of the following :


    Though tuition is free, accommodation is not and students have to plan for their own accommodation.In international office in the student village provides help for students in securing accommodation.Students should take note that demand for housing is high and should plan to make provision for accommodation before the academic year begins. A budget of 450 Euros should be planned for in Trondheim,the most popular student village called Moholt – it hosts large amounts of international students.

    Utilities should also be put into consideration,laundry facilities,TV and cable subscription and water. It should be noted that a deposit fee of 680 Euros is required for single rooms and are refundable if students intend to move out.


    Study materials are not free and must be planned for.Depending on your area of concentration second-hand books are available – all you need to do is keep your eyes open for ads.


    A budget of 300 Euros should be planned for monthly depending on distance of accommodation to campus.For students who like to save you can use a bicycle.There are different means of transportation so getting around the city wouldn’t pose a problem.


    Food in Norway is great. Fresh fruits,vegetables are available in stores close to residential areas so feeding is the least of your worries.


    Trondheim is close to the border with Sweden,students are free to take a tour to the neighboring country.The trip is short and price is cheap,bus fares are also returned if you show your supermarket receipt to the bus driver.The bus takes you to the shopping Centre gives you an hour to shop until the bus returns the total trip around is just about 180 minutes.

    It is a great and wonderful experience to study in Norway so plan today.

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