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Top 9 American Colleges Operating Free Tuition: SAT Scores and Selectivity Rate

    amuricaOwing to high cost of college education, many American and international students are leaving college without a degree. This has led to a good number of students using federal and college loans to complete their studies. In 2011, the number of American student loan debt had risen to over $ 1 trillion. If you are reading this post and you think you’ll never get into an American college with full tuition, stop worrying. In this article, I have spent my precious time making a list of best colleges in the US operating tuition free for all admitted students.

    (1) Deep Springs College:
    Deep Springs College in Inyo County, California, located on a cattle range and Alfalfa farm. Deep Springs admits highly exceptional students into its college. It might interest you to know that many of their admitted students had turned down offers from some of the most prestigious colleges in the US to seal a place in Deep Springs.
    The College admission officers when reviewing your applications will look for academic ability, leadership/service potential and a strong desire to take on an active and practical responsibilty for the Deep Springs community.
    Selectivity rate varies from 6% to 15% every year. Accepted students usually average 700 on the SAT Maths and Critical reading sections. However, Deep Springs admission officers would look for more academic promise, but a students ability to contribute positively to their community. Hence, the admissions team will regard your essay and interview as important admission factors.

    (2) Cooper Union:
    Cooper Union boost of 9 to 1 student/faculty ratio and an astonishing 94.2% retention rate. The SAT scores are as follows; Critical reading: 610/720; math: 650/780; writing: 620/730. Every registered undergraduate/graduate student receives full tuition scholarship. Cooper Union accepts only 7% of all applicants.
    It might interest you to know that Cooper Union was recently ranked number 1 in the 2013 edition of the Best Colleges in Regional Colleges (North) by U.S. News & World Report. It was also named no 1 Desirable Small School as well as the 7th most desirable school by Newsweek magazine. Based on a 2012 peer assessment survey, the school was ranked #6 best undergraduate engineering program whose highest engineering degree is a bachelor’s or a master’s degree. Whats stopping you from applying?

    (3) Curtis Institute of Music
    Curtis Institute of Music is supposedly one of the leading conservatories in the world, The College provides training and education to exceptionally tallented young musicians for careers as performing artists at the highest professional level. The institute provides complete musical training, as well as liberal arts courses for interested students.
    Curtis Institute provides a performance Diploma, a Bachelor of Music degree, a Master of Music in Opera degree, and a Professional Studies Certificate in Opera.
    It has an acceptance rate of just 4%;selecting students on the basis of artistry promise, with all applicants expecting to audition in person. The College does not have minimum or maximum age requirement for applicants.

    (4) College of the Ozarks
    College of the Ozarks houses about 1,500 students and has a student/faculty ratio of 16-to-1 . Please note that alcohol and drugs beverages are prohibited on campus.
    Recently the College of the Ozarks was ranked #9 in the 2013 edition of the Best Colleges in Mid West, and was ranked #21 in the Midwest, by Forbes.
    Only Nine percent of all applicants are admitted into the college. SAT test scores range are as shown: Critical reading: 580/630; math: 530/560; and writing: 540/570.
    Full-time students are eligibile for free tuition scholarship. Ninety percent of applicants are required to be financially needy to be accepted.

    (5) Berea College
    Berea College is a private, liberal arts college located in Berea, Kentucky. The College provides degrees in 28 fields. It has a 11-to-1 student/faculty ratio. All admitted students are required to live on campus, unless they are 23 years of age or above.
    Berea College got a nice ranking of #75 in the last 2013 edition of Best Colleges in National Liberal Arts Colleges by U.S. news & World Report.
    The college reportedly has an 11% acceptance rate, and a 79.5% average freshman retention rate. SAT test scores range are as shown: Critical reading: 495/640; math: 483/588; and writing: 513/610.The college does not charge tuition from admitted students.

    (6) Webb Institute
    Web Institute is located in Glen Cove, New York. This college is known for providing a world class engineering education.
    Webb Institute only provides a single undergraduate degree option in naval architecture and marine engineering. Presently, It’s the only school in the nation solely devoted to ship-design engineering.
    The academic program involves quite a number of engineering courses; marine engineering, mechanical engineering, ship design and systems engineering; electrical engineering, and civil/structural engineering.
    Webb Institute has a 37% acceptance rate and an 87.2% average freshman retention rate. Over 75% of freshmen scored over 1310 on the SAT I.

    (7) Macaulay Honors College at City University of New York (CUNY)
    Macaulay Honors College is located in New York City. This College challenges and prepares high-achieving students to solve the greatest challenges facing the United States, and the entire world.
    Most successful students who are admitted into Macaulay Honors program have a combined SAT critical reading and math score of about 1400 and an A average in their high school transcript.
    All students at Macaulay Honors College receive a full, free-tuition scholarship (exclusive of fees). They are also allowed a $7,500 Opportunities Fund grant for global research, study service, and internships, as well as a laptop computer and a Cultural Passport to New York City arts and other cultural events.

    (8) Alice Lloyd College:
    has almost 600 students and a 17-to-1 student/faculty ratio .This college offers bachelor’s degree programs and pre-professional programs to prepare students for advanced studies in medicine, law, and more. Part of the college’s mission is providing an atmosphere in which Christian values are maintained.
    The school typically accepts 18% of applicants. SAT test scores (25th/75th percentile) are as follows: Critical reading: 460/590; math: 420/520; and writing: 440/480.

    (9) Barclay College
    Barclay College has a 49% admission rate. SAT scores (25th-75th percentile) are as follows: Critical reading: 410/460; math: 410/440 and writing: 290/410.
    Students receiving full-tuition scholarship would be required to live full time in on-campus housing. The free scholarship is worth $11,000 per year

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