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Top 8 Cheapest Universities in California for International Students

    Would you like to study in California on low tuition as an international student? If yes, it is important that you learn about the tuition costs in California. Most international students around the world are keen on saving money, as such I will discuss eight of the cheapest universities in California for international students. The tuition cost was thoroughly obtained from each university’s web portal, and I have added the link of each site so that you can see for yourself.

    How was the tuition calculation done

    So in the US, international students basically pay the same tuition fee as out-of-state students. So what I did was calculate the out-of-state tuition of each university in California. That tuition would be the tuition fee for international students.

    In addition, if there was a particular section covering tuition fees for international students, I used that instead. Otherwise, I made use of the in-state tuition with out-of-state tuition and derived the tuition fees for international students.

    Low Tuition Universities in California for International Students and Annual Tuition Fees

    University Name Undergraduate Graduate
    San Diego State University $19,368 $16,104
    Sonoma State University $17,228 $15,494
    San Francisco State University $15,204 $14,000
    Caly Poly Ponoma $15,057 $12,081
    San Jose State University $17,225 $16,283
    Humboldt State University $17,178 $16,210
    CSU Stanislaus $16,580 $15,638
    CSU Fullerton $16,399 $15,457

    These tuition fees are in fact the annual tuition only. Additionally, you should think about living expenses such as transportation, food, and lodging. If these expenses and costs would pose a problem there are tons of ways that you can support yourself, and one way is through scholarships.

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    Available Scholarships for International Students

    Students who achieved fantastic GPA, SAT, and/or ACT, can receive partial/full scholarships from universities across California. Understandably, the scholarship policy is different for each university, as such you would have to find a scholarship section on their website.The information there would be useful for you, but it might take some time to find the information. It is possible you might not even find the information. In that case, I would encourage you to either call or email the admissions or financial aid office for detailed info.

    Another thing that you should do is to look for scholarships in other states as well. University of Alabama provides full tuition scholarships for all international students with a certain GPA. Another place that you can find information is the USA Scholarship Category and 20+ Best Scholarships in USA.

    Tuition LInks of Universities in California for International Students

    Please click on these information for the tuition fees as highlighted above. I would love you to see for yourself to make sure that the information that I have provided is factual..

    How to Apply to Universities in California as an International Student

    The application procedure to study in any university in California is almost the same for international students. You’ll need to follow the directions for American students although there are a few exceptions. First, you are not required to file the FAFSA if you are applying for scholarships because you are not eligible for federal assistance. Second, you are expected to demonstrate English proficiency by sitting for TOEFL or IELTS.

    The points highlighted above are the two main differences between the application procedure for international students and domestic students. Since the application procedures for each university differs, do well to look at each university website’s admissions portal for specific instructions. You will have all that you need there.

    I hope that you’ve liked this information about cheap universities in California for international students.

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