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Top 7 Universities in Turkey for International Students





    Annually, thousands of students travel to Turkey to study. This is because of the world class quality of education Turkish Universities dish out, the very reason Turkey has some of the most reputable and respected universities in the world. In addition, Turkey provides both local and international students a low cost alternative for higher education compared to a number of popular study abroad countries in Europe, even with the same standard and accreditation.

    Turkey serves as an important link between Europe and Asia,and at the moment Istanbul is the most populated and most visited city in the whole of Turkey. Keep reading for comprehensive information about top rated universities in Istanbul and more :

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    The top 7 private universities in Istanbul are:

    1-Koç University

     Koç University based in the city of Istanbul is a reputable research university established sometime in 1993 as a non-profit private institution-currently it offers all undergraduate and graduate programs in English Language medium.

    Since it was founded, Koç University has grown to become one of the top rated institutions of learning in Turkey, as shown in its contributions to the improvement of education and knowledge in the country.

    Koç University prides itself on having a fantastic academic structure, several research opportunities, international achievements, multicultural social environment and tons of career opportunities for its graduates.

    Koç University is truly committed to excellence and its academic programs continue to attract world-class lecturers and staff. The university’s faculty has some of the best Turkey senior researchers and PhD’s from top rated research universities across the world.

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    2- Sabancı University

    Sabancı University is one of the world’s top rated universities and one of the top 20 private institutions in Turkey. Established sometime in 1996, it offers world class tertiary education and research opportunities in the fields of natural science, engineering, art and social science, and has lecturers with international expertise.

    The university has a solid reputation for providing job opportunities for its graduate students. In addition, it also teaches all educational programs in English language.

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    3-Yeditepe University

    Yeditepe is another top rated institution that was founded in 1996 by Istanbul Foundation for Education and Culture (ISTEK). It was founded in accordance with modern principles, given that it prioritizes the well being of young people, in addition to employing advanced teaching methods in all departments to retain students who troop in from all over the world.

    Interestingly, the language of instruction in Yeditepe University is English, and it has 12 colleges and foreign language schools, plus a vocational training institution. This university is considered one of the best Turkish universities and is ranked among the top 50 Turkish universities on local rankings, and on the global level, it is rated and ranked as one of the best 2000 universities globally.

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    4- Bahcesehir University (BAU)

    The popular slogan “Sits at the heart of Istanbul” works really well for a university like Bahcesehir University (BAU), whose main campus is on the edge of the Bosporus in Besiktas.

    In terms of history, Bahcesehir University was founded sometime in 1998, and has tons of branches worldwide in cities/countries such as: Washington, Silicon Valley, USA, Berlin, Germany, Toronto, Canada, Georgia, China, Italy and Northern Cyprus. The University equally runs exchange programs for lecturers and students with several partner universities around the world.

    The institution has eight faculties, four institutes for its postgraduate programs and four schools, plus English and Turkish language school, a vocational school, a vocational school for health services, a school of applied specialties and a center for scientific research to mention but a few.

    5-Bilgi University

    This institution is the only privately owned Turkish university run by US-based Laureate Education, which is a for-profit college corporation operating since 2006. The university awards degrees in different majors such as social science, administrative science, media and others, all delivered in English language.

    Since 2017, well over 30,000 students have graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University. Currently, the university has over 23,000 students, about 1,000 academic staff members, 7 faculties, 3 institutes, 4 schools, 3 vocational schools, and well over 150 academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

    6- Okan University

    Okan University was founded in 1999 and at the moment is one of the most impressive private universities in Turkey. Currently it teaches more than 12,000 students from all over the world in the undergraduate and postgraduate classes, and does 53 bachelor’s courses. In addition, it seeks to build a connection between the academic and the business world. That said, the university makes provision for students to work at international companies as part of its Preparing For Business Life Internship Program, as early as their first year of university. This program does more than help students  become familiar with business life, but helps them improve their knowledge and skillset.

    Some of the top rated specialties in the bachelor’s degree is the specialization of the medical group which covers the specialization of human medicine and dentistry.

    7- Istanbul Aydın University

    Istanbul Aydın University (IAU) was founded sometime  in 2003 and is currently one of the top 100 private institutions in Turkey. It is based in the heart of Istanbul on the European side,  in Floria district, and it is recognized by international bodies including European Union.

    The university is made up of 11 colleges and a number of institutes of higher education,  plus partnerships with a number of international universities per exchange of students, and a number of partnerships with technology companies that assist their students to train in key sectors to increase experience post graduation and help them land beneficial jobs.

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