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Top 6 scholarship application mistakes to avoid

    With the increase in tuition fees, not everyone can afford going to a college without having a scholarship in hands. A lot of students try to fill in the applications to get a scholarship but it is not as easy as it sounds. Finding colleges that offer scholarships is pretty easy but actually getting one is pretty tough.  Students make all kinds of mistakes while applying for college scholarships and then get disappointed when they are turned down. What they do not realize is that maybe it the mistakes they are making that are costing them a good college scholarship.

    It is never too late to make things right. Take a look at the following most common mistakes that you should avoid in order to be accepted for a college scholarship:

    1. Not Applying To More Than One College For Scholarship

    The chances of getting a scholarship increases after applying to more than one college. Donot think that your application will get accepted by the first college that you would apply. You must apply to all those colleges where you think you are eligible. Search for your scholarships just like you search a job.


    1. Not Giving Enough Time To Research About Scholarship

    Giving proper time to research for the colleges that provide scholarships is a must. You can find scholarships from a number of ways such as, searching online, hearing from friends or family members, etc. All that is required is just your hard work and time.


    1. Missing Out On The Important Deadlines

    One of the most common mistakes that students make is to miss their important deadlines. Between the application process for colleges and scholarships, a lot of important dates are to be remembered and that is the reason why proper planning is required. In order to remember the dates, you can keep a reminder or make a spreadsheet.


    1. Forgetting To Proofread Your Scholarship Application

    There are times when you fill and submit an application or write an essay without checking, leaving several errors. Make sure you recheck the entire application after filling and only then submit in order to avoid any grammatical error, any cancelled information that needs to be erased or spelling mistakes, etc. If you feel any difficulty, then you can ask your friend or your family member to proofread for you.


    1. Not Writing An Exceptional Essay

    One of the most important parts the scholarship application process is to write an essay, if required. An essay that is not intriguing enough or poorly written does not stand you out from other applicants. That is probably why the majority of the students give up when they are required to submit an essay.


    1. Giving An Inappropriate Or Wrong Email Address

    When applying for scholarships, make sure you refrain from making an email address that is too silly to remember, uses a nickname or has some inappropriate meaning attached to it. Such email addresses are considered to be offensive since it gives away a really bad image of the student to the scholarship team. Therefore, in order to increase your chance of getting a scholarship, make sure that the email address you create is professional, simple and is made only on your name, your father’s name or your surname.

    With the tremendous increase in the population, there is an increase in the competition in every walk of life as well.If you do not want to lack behind while trying to land a scholarship, then it is important to know that you cannot afford to make mistakes. Avoid the mistakes stated above to ensure a good college scholarship without much hassle.


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    Eilidh Edgar is a professional academician who works for coursework geek , a leading academic writing company. Besides providing coursework help , she shares finance tips and tricks with students to help them survive within limited budget.


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