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Top 6 Low Universities in Indonesia for International Students







    Endowed with a myriad of animal and plant species, the country of Indonesia is known for many interesting things, but one of the most prominent Indonesian species is the Komodo dragon. Being one of the fiercest lizards in the world, the Komodo dragon lives in Indonesia, also the home to the world’s largest flower called Rafflesia Arnoldi, a native plant.On top of that, tuition fees are cheapest or low for international students.

    In a religious aspect, Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. Filled with islands of different shapes and sizes, Indonesia has the second longest coastline in the world, and this country is filled with many historic temples and impressive species.

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    Top Universities in Indonesia for International Students

    1. University of Indonesia

    Founded in the capital city of Indonesia, the University of Indonesia was originally set up to train students in medicine. Merging with five independent universities into one state run university, the University of Indonesia continues to train doctoral students every year. In addition to medicine, they teach subjects like dentistry, natural sciences, mathematics, natural sciences, law and philosophy.  

    First established with just one faculty (medicine), the University of Indonesia currently operate 13 faculties, and with the list above, they recently added nursing, psychology, engineering, humanities, economy, public health, and computer sciences. Welcoming international students, they currently have around 300 students on campus, but the University of Indonesia is increasing their number on a yearly basis.

    1. Institute of Technology Bandung

    Established in 1959, Bandung Institute of Technology was founded by the Indonesian government to teach courses in technology, science, and fine arts to their college students. As government released their hold over the university, the Bandung Institute of Technology has grown into a private university by taking risks and doing investments to increase their sources of revenue.

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    1. Bogor Agricultural University

    Built in 1963, the Bogor Agricultural University was founded to prove that there is a world-class university in Indonesia that offers courses in biosciences, agriculture and other related fields. To eliminate poverty and drastically reduce mass hunger, the Bogor Agricultural University strives to equip students in these fields to fulfill their missions and their life-long goals.

    They currently operate nine faculties, including agriculture, veterinary medicine, fisheries and marine sciences, forestry, animal science, mathematics, economics and management, natural sciences and human ecology.

    1. Universitas Gadjah Mada

    Because of its long name, it is popular known by their nickname, which is UGM. Founded in 1949, UGM is one of the oldest universities in Indonesia, and it was set up as a national university. Not only is it the oldest university in Indonesia with rich history, but UGM is one of the best universities in Indonesia since it has been constantly ranked as number one as of 2018.

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    1. Airlangga University

    Officially established in 1954, the Airlangga University is the third state run university in Indonesia. First started off with six faculties, they have grown into 15 faculties and keep adding more. Receiving many excellence in education awards and medals, the Airlangga University currently has many global partnerships with many universities from around the world, and they continue to welcome exchange students through these international collaborations.

    1. Brawijaya University

    Instead of often using Brawijaya University, most people refer to this school as UB. Established in 1961, UB was named after a historic kingdom in Indonesia, and UB was transformed into a state university after a decree by the Indonesian president. Located in a popular city of Malang, UB continues to grow into a leading university both nationally and internationally, citing good example for others to follow.


    For a couple of universities it is very difficult to find the tuition amount for undergraduate or graduate programs. Instead, we have listed available programs for you to have a look, and then if you wish to apply, you may find the tuition amount by just asking the College’s admission department.But generally, tuition fees in Indonesian universities are low and cheap.

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