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Top 5 Universities in Canada for Studying Engineering

    Student design teams work on various vehicles for upcoming competitions at the Engineering 5 building at the University of Waterloo.

    Canada is an ideal target state for up-and-coming engineering students. Canada has lots of universities for undergraduate and postgraduate engineering programs. Thousands of international students across every nations of the world enroll to study engineering in top Canadian universities.

    In this article, we shall be looking at the five best engineering universities in Canada.

    TopEngineering Universities in Canada

    1. University of Toronto

    The University of Toronto, established in 1857, is the most famous public university in the world, which is often ranked as the number one Canadian university across a number of rankings. University of Toronto has constantly maintained a strong repute for its engineering and other programs. This outstanding university has 14,000 members of faculty and almost 71,000 students that enroll for various programs. International students makes up about 21% of the population. This university is very competitive because it has an acceptance rate of 43%, meaning for every 100 students that enroll, about 43 stands a chance of being absorbed by the university.

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    The engineering school of the University of Toronto, known as the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, was established in 1873. The school is grounded in the downtown campus of the University of Toronto where classes take place across sixteen buildings. The school also has the Institute for Aerospace Studies.

    Almost 5,000 undergraduate engineering students are enrolled at The Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. The Faculty is divided into several departments of engineering including chemical, computer, and electrical engineering. Students expected to acquire a predetermined amount of work experience before they can graduate.

    University of Toronto has the oldest engineering society in Canada, known as the University of Toronto Engineering Society.  The school holds an annual musical event which features an orchestra, known as The Skule Orchestra, and Lady Godiva Memorial Band.

    1. McGill University

    The second best engineering university in Canada is McGill University, established in 1821 in Montreal. It has a main campus located in the city centre near Mount Royal. The McGill University has a total of 22,000 students, with a student to faculty ratio of 16:1. About 37% of its student population comprises of international students. Its faculty contains almost 2,500 members.

    McGill’s engineering school is one of the best Canadian engineering universities that offers bachelors and postgraduate degrees in several departments of engineering, including civil, computer, and chemical engineering. The Department of Civil Engineering is among the top three schools for civil engineering in all of Canada. Other departments also enjoy top rankings too. McGill’s engineering graduates always get employed by top firms.

    Also, the Faculty of Engineering offers different societies, clubs, and events for students to partake in. The all-encompassing society is the Engineering Undergraduate Society, which manages engineering students’ lives at university and attend to their issues. A society is established for architecture students, known as the Architecture Students Association.

    The Faculty features several groups and associations whose objective is to safeguard the welfare and rights of minority groups and women.

    1. University of British Columbia

    The University of British Columbia (UBC), established in 1908, has one of the best engineering programs in Canada. UBC is a public institution located in Vancouver that has built a research-oriented reputation. UBC frequently ranks among the top three universities in Canada on yearly basis. It has produced over eight Nobel laureates and lots of Rhodes scholars and Olympians since its commencement.

    The engineering school of UBC is called The Faculty of Applied Science. It offers 13 areas to specialize in for undergraduates. Students are expected to choose their area of specialization after their first year at university, according to their profession. University of British Columbia offers specialization in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering. Also, it offers specialization in exceptional fields such as geological engineering and materials engineering.

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    Students at the engineering school can benefit from the career services offered by the university. The program provides students with real experience of engineering. Also, it offers an expansive engineering co-op program, connecting students to a large number of national and international employers. The acceptance rate of UBC stands at 70%, making it higher than the University of Toronto and McGill University. UBC has a total of 35,000 students, with 18% being international students.

    1. University of Waterloo

    The University of Waterloo, established in 1957, located in Waterloo, Ontario, is one of the best engineering universities in Canada. The school’s undergraduate student body comprises almost 31,000 students, with 21% of them being international students. The university is established on a 1,000 acre campus inside Waterloo. The university’s campus includes eight student residences. It features a Student Life Centre, a student center, which attends to all types of needs of students. The University of Waterloo has three satellite campuses situated in Southern Ontario.

    The engineering school of the University of Waterloo is known as the Faculty of Engineering, which has more than 7,000 undergraduate students. It is among the biggest engineering schools in Canada. The Engineering Faculty offers 15 programs to its undergraduate students, ranging from Chemical and Civil Engineering to Nanotechnology and Systems Design Engineering. The Faculty is divided into six departments, including the School of Architecture. It has the biggest engineering research school in Canada, encompassing more than 1600 graduate students.

    The University of Waterloo Engineering Society holds events for engineering students all through the year. The school symbol is called ‘TOOL’- a pipe wrench measuring 60 inches. The Waterloo University also provides its graduates with several opportunities to partner with national companies for projects and ventures. The Faculty holds an all-embracing range of programs with objective to provide students with real-world experience. Undergraduate students are given the opportunity to pursue two years of paid work experience before graduation.

    1. University of Alberta

    The University of Alberta, founded in 1908, is another top Canadian institution. The University is a public, research-oriented university situated in Edmonton, Alberta. The University of Alberta ranks among the top 10 universities in Canada and the top 100 universities worldwide. The university enrolls 39,000 students, with about 8,000 of this population being international students. The university has produced more than 50 Rhodes scholars.

    The Faculty of Engineering of this prestigious university offers undergraduate study across five departments. Students can choose to major in a wide range of areas, including electrical, civil, and chemical engineering.

    The University of Alberta has the second-largest engineering co-op program in Canada, with at least 1,400 paid placements for students on yearly basis.

    This University has a high research output, due to its five research facilities and millions of dollars in research endowment.

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