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Top 5 tips on how to write a perfect college essay

    essayA college application essay can be one of the most stressing tasks to do since your future is on the line. Maybe not that drastic but it does feel so when it is the first time you are entering college. Whether it is your first college application essay or not these tips will help you succeed. The topic can literally be anything the college wishes to choose since they want to see how well you perform and one of the key tips is to be prepared. Fear not since this article will set you up with some amazing tips to help you eliminate the stress of making a perfect college application essay.

    These tips will surely help you either polish your current application essay or get to started.

    1. Control the length of the essay

    One of the most overlooked facts is that the college administration’s office has thousands of essays to review of other hopefuls. Make sure that the essay is not under the minimum word count but slightly over it. If your college application happens to be over 1000 words and not asked to be so, something is wrong. Keep it short and simple filled with attention grabbing details.

    1. Pay attention to details

    Details will be your best friend in helping you make an essay interesting. Do not use bland words that will dull your essay instead fill it up with vivid adjectives and verbs that will make the judges want to keep reading your essay. This will also be of a huge help when using personal experiences on the essay.

    1. Use writing tools and resources

    These range from having fellow students read your essay give you feedback to editing and rewriting the essay.

    • com. Not only does this website provide the basics of what is needed for that perfect essay but it also have quite a few resouces to help you with your writing skills. With daily activities and contests to challenge and better your writing skills.
    • “Guide to Writing a Basic Essay” by Kathy Livingston is an amazing website that includes hundreds of resources that will help you with this college essay. Most importantly they have a section focused on this type of essays.
    • is here to help you with all your editing and proofreading needs. Editing and proofreading are a must when submitting a college application essay. With this site you have the ability to check your work and proofread to get that perfect essay.
    • PlagTracker also has those features, and it does include a plagiarism checker if you were to cite some work in the essay. Every single college is making a huge deal of plagiarism so if you happen to use a famous quote make sure you cite it.
    • “How to Write an Essay” by Kimberly Chapman is also filled with multiple tips on how to write and how to check your essays. Another amazing fact about this website is that is has both examples of good and bad essays.
    1. Be honest!

    This is also vital to colleges and you should take it into account when writing your essay. Do not try to be someone you are not but you do not want to make yourself look like another straw in the haystack per say.

    1. Share and explain your position

    When given the opportunity to explain take advantage and give your point of view. This is one part where you can shine and should not hold yourself back. Judges really want to get to know you through your writing and writing personal experiences shows them a part of you. One does not want to exaggerate this part also, a healthy medium is needed where this part will be included into the essay as if it a part of it, not just filler.

    There are quite a few keys elements in writing a college application essay but it is only expected since it is such a big deal. To go over them, we have to make sure that the essay is short but that it does not sacrifice attention. Details will be your partner in helping you make sure the essay is intriguing. Give an explanation when something is not clear and be honest, do not try to be someone else. Procrastination will never help you is something that we need to remember too. The best tip of all is to use your writing resources which are considered; proofreading, spell checking, and plagiarism check. With these tips one will have all the tools to go against the rest and get that acceptance letter.

    Julie Petersen is a tutor, writer and a blogger, who features the latest career and educational trends in her articles. At present time she is running her own educational writing blog and working on her first ebook dedicated to online learning. You may contact Julie via Linkedin.



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