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Top 5 Reasons to Study an International Degree in Portugal






    One of the most welcoming study destinations in Europe, Portugal is a fascinating country to do your Master’s degree. If you are thinking of studying abroad, add Portugal to your A-list, as it is the perfect place to combine academic work with interesting and unforgettable leisure activities. And below we share 5 key reasons why:

    1. You can attend some of the famous and top ranked European universities

    Portugal is home to one of the oldest universities in the world, opened in 1290. This is the University of Coimbra, known to offer some of the best academic programmes in the world in fields like Law, Philosophy and Sociology

    Besides University of Coimbra, other Portuguese universities present in world university rankings are:

    • University of Lisbon
    • University of Porto
    • Polytechnic of Leiria
    • University of Aveiro
    • NOVA University of Lisbon
    • University of Minho

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    University of Porto and Coimbra count for the largest number of foreign students, but all Portuguese universities have extensive and well designed services specially dedicated to international students.

    If you are thinking of studying in Portugal, you should also keep in mind that some of the most popular study subjects include:

    • Business
    • History   
    • Social Sciences  

    That is not all there is. You can find courses in almost any field or area of interest somewhere in Portugal; you just have to take a closer look.

    2. You will have generally affordable living costs and tuition fees

    Portugal is still a cheap country when compared to most of Western Europe. If money is a concern for you to study abroad, Portugal is a place you should consider. For English-taught degrees, the tuition fees in public Portuguese universities on average range between 950 and 1,250 EUR per year.

    When it comes to your monthly living costs, budget around 600 – 1000 EUR, in bigger cities. In small student cities, you can manage with even less, just about 500 – 700 EUR monthly. So, getting a top quality education at a reasonably affordable cost is possible. And it’s possible in a country like Portugal!

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     3. You can easily learn a language spoken by over 250 million people globally

    In Portugal, you will find many English-taught Masters to select from. However, all universities encourage international students to attend Portuguese language classes, in addition to their mandatory courses. If you take up that challenge, you will only learn and really enjoy your time in Portugal.

    Learning Portuguese will help you both adjust easier in the country and also better understand Portuguese culture and customs. Plus, Portuguese is the official language in nine countries, and is spoken by more than 250 million people. Learning the language could bring you numerous benefits in your career, since the ability to communicate in multiple languages is highly valued anywhere in this world. Take this leap and you will be grateful for it!

    4.  Perfect weather for discovering Portugal’s landmarks

    Portugal is pretty much like the land of always summer. The long and hot summer seasons are well balanced by short and rainy winters. Well, it’s actually hard to call it winter since the average temperature during the cold season is around 16°C (61°F). Surely, you might just feel like you are always on a constant holiday. But, really, who wouldn’t want something like that?

    And since the weather is such incredible, you can use school breaks and free time during the school year to explore Portugal’s wonderful sights. It’s like student life and tourism combined!

    Portugal is home to fifteen UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including old churches, museums and medieval castles. The stunning landscapes from the D’Ouro Region on the North to the crystal clear beaches of the South will leave you amazed. Not to even talk of the Azores and Madeira Island, far from the continent. And there are still several historical sites in Porto, Lisbon, Coimbra, Evora, Palmela and historical forts turned into villages like Almeida.

    5. Experience fantastically unique cuisine and wine

    Food and wine are a serious thing in Portugal. The “bacalhau” (cod fish) is the most famous ingredient in the country and Portuguese people will tell you that there are 1001 ways to prepare it. But not just cod fish alone makes the Portuguese cuisine special; goat and pork are very easy to find on restaurants as well. And what about wine? Well, each area will say theirs is better. There are the world-famous Port Wine and Moscatel found in Setubal, but the wine list is endless… Maybe you should visit there, spend some time, and try for yourself.

    It’s clear, Portugal has a lot to offer to international students, that will inspire both the mind and the senses.

    It’s your time to find the right study programme in Portugal and start preparing to discover this wonderful study destination and, in the process, rediscover yourself!

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