Top 5 European Countries with Low Cost Of Living for International Students

If you are planning to study abroad, it’s important that you consider the cost of living of that country before you start your journey. This is necessary to avoid embarrassment as you will need money for expenses such as feeding, accommodation, transportation etc. This will not be taken care of by anybody except you. So you must ensure that you know how much you need to spend and prepare yourself accordingly. Since the cost of living varies from country to country, we have decided to publish top 5 European countries with very affordable living cost for international students.


The cost of living in Russia is affordable when you compare it with other European countries. A student needs about $300 to $400 for expenses like feeding, accommodation, transportation, etc in one month. Here’s the breakdown:

Dormitory 5,000 rubles (USD 77)


Food 10,000 rubles (USD 153)


Transport 380 rubles (USD 6)
Internet, mobile phone


800 rubles (USD 18)
Culture, sport, entertainment


4,000 rubles (USD 61)




Poland is another country in Europe where the cost of living is very low for students. A student studying in Poland can live on 300 Euro to 500 Euro per month. Let’s look at the breakdown:

Rent in a shared flat (or dormitory) 80-150 EUR
Food 100-150 EUR
Transportation (in big cities) 15-20 EUR
Telephone/mobile, internet, TV 20-30 EUR
Study materials 30-50 EUR
Other expenses (leisure/entertainment) 70-100 EUR



Living costs in Estonia are affordable and are considered to be lower than in most other European countries. General feedback from foreigners who have spent some time here is that living conditions are similar to those in Western Europe. Cost of living in Estonia is usually dependent upon the student’s accommodation choices, lifestyle, and spending patterns. In Estonia, a student needs about 300 to 500 Euros for expenses such as feeding, accommodation, transportation etc.


In Latvia, the cost of living is equally affordable. A budget of 250 Euro to 400 Euros is enough to cater for a students living expenses like feeding, accommodation, transportation etc.