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Top 5 Cheap Tuition Universities in Cuba plus Cost of Living and Tuition




    Cuba was once an important Spanish colony, now it is one of the most popular cultural and tourist centres in Latin America. Having gained independence in 1902, Cuba was a habitat for tourists up until the start of the Cold War. During that time, many Cubans moved to the US, since the two countries are close to each other. Today, tourists and visitors to Cuba are enthralled by the vibrancy and variety of both the cultural and natural attractions, from amazing buildings to exotic live music, and rugged mountains to paradisiacal white sand beaches.It is also important to point out that tuition fees are low and cheap for international students.

    Havana , the capital was once the third largest city in the Americas and was even called the “Key to the New World” in view of its importance within the European colonies. As an important trading port, it was often attacked by pirates. Havana has several old forts, which gives the city a fantastic medieval charm. The most famous one is “El Morro Fortress”, which is a really beautiful six-story building that guards the entrance to Havana Bay. Presently, the capital is most popular for advancing arts, hosting tons of international arts and music festivals each year, including the popular Havana International Jazz Festival, International Havana Ballet Festival, Havana International Film Festival and more.

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    International students who choose to study in Cuba hail from other Latin American and Caribbean and African countries. Some countries have established government agreements in place to facilitate student mobility and others have recognized Cuba’s attractiveness as a reputable tertiary exchange partner; for example, South Africa’s Higher Education and Training Department recently signed an agreement to promote academic and student exchanges.In recent years, political tensions with the US have meant that travel between the two countries has become harder, but students and professors are exempted from restrictions. Teaching at universities in Cuba is done in Spanish, so you’ll have to be proficient in the language.Don’t let that discourage you, international students would be offered the chance to take preparatory or supplementary Spanish language classes.

    Visas to study in Cuba

    In order to study in Cuba as an international student, you will require a student visa. To apply, connect with the Cuban Consulate in your home country and request information, as requirements vary across countries. To enter Cuba you will need a passport which is valid for at least six months from the time of application. Three months prior to your arrival, you will be required  to provide your chosen university with: your full name, address, passport number, expiration date, date and place of birth, name of father and mother, planned residence time in Cuba, planned date of arrival in Cuba.

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    Fees and funding 

    Tuition fees at universities in Cuba are relatively cheap between US$20,000 and US$40,000 based on the university and the program of study. The good thing is that this is the tuition fee for the entire program, not just for one year. Most institutions in Cuba offer attainment-based scholarships for high-achieving applicants, and sometimes these funding may cover your entire cost. For additional information on tuition fees and scholarships please contact representatives of the university you’re interested in.

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    Study abroad programs in Cuba

    While international students generally choose to study in Cuba for their entire degree program, the country is equally a popular choice for shorter programs of international study – either as part of a full degree, or a basic study abroad project. Some of these examples include a one-month printmaking course in Havana run by New York’s School of Visual Arts; a semester-long course in Cuban or Caribbean studies at the University of Havana offered via Academic Programs International (API); and a selection of Spanish-language programs of varying lengths and levels.

    List of Universities

    Universidad de La Habana

    Universidad de Oriente Santiago de Cuba

    Ciudad Universitaria Jose Antonio Echeverria

    Universidad Central Marta Abreu de Las Villas

    Universidad de Cienfuegos Carlos Rafael Rodríguez

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