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Top 4 Cheapest Universities in Slovenia for International Students

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    Typically, Slovenia is not the kind of country that usually ranks as a top study abroad choice for international students. Actually, most individuals may not even be capable of locating it on a map. However, as is the case with many European countries, Slovenia is actually a fantastic study abroad destination! Besides cheap tuition universities in Slovenia, students are able to enjoy a wide range of benefits, and the country has a nice mix of natural and urban areas, so everybody-tourists and students alike will be delighted to live here. In 2018, there were more than 4,000 international students at public tertiary institutions alone. And these numbers are on the rise at the speed of light! Let’s discuss some of the cheapest universities in Slovenia.

    Slovenian higher education has two categories namely: academic education and professional or vocational education. The latter is much shorter, and the number one objective is providing students with the tools and skills necessary to enter the job market faster based on specific needs of the economy. All these are offered by both public universities and private institutions.

    Public universities are free for full-time students who come from Slovenia, the European Union, countries with which Slovenia has bilateral agreements, and those with international protection as well. However, tuition fees for international students are very cheap when compared to the fees charged by universities in other countries. Also, education is paid for part-time students and post-graduate students regardless of their nationality, and there is no difference in tuition cost for domestic and international students.

    Another fantastic reason to study in Slovenia is the affordable cost of living. Most restaurants offer discounts to students because the government subsidizes food for them. You will find student dorms that cost between $100 and $170 monthly, and if you are interested in renting a private flat, you should budget $250.

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    Additionally, in Slovenia you will find plenty of things to do. Cultural events are regularly organized and nightlife is massive in big cities. You are able to visit the natural areas of the country and go skiing or explore the big forests, or even visit other nearby European countries. Since Slovenia is in the center of Europe, visiting other countries like Germany will take you only a few hours.

    For local and international students interested in enrolling in a Slovenian university, this article will cover the most important things you need to know, which include requirements, fees, and a list of the cheapest universities in Slovenia!

     What do I need to study at a university in Slovenia as an international student?

    As discussed above, Slovenia has both public universities and private institutions. Private ones are higher education institutions that are properly accredited but don’t belong to any university. In order to enroll in any of these, international students are expected to complete key preliminary steps during the application process.

    Regardless of which institution you choose, the process starts on the eVŠ portal. There, you will be able to fill out an application form with all your personal information and the university and program you selected. You will also be able to submit all the requirements and documents they request. There is a video tutorial to help you during the process.

    In addition, you will have to complete the Recognition of foreign education, which is done on the same website and will prove that you are eligible to study in Slovenia.

    Based on the major and the university you chose, you will also have to take a test to prove your skills, capacities, and abilities in certain areas. These is applicable if you are pursuing a program in engineering, medicine, architecture, music, and even education!

    Another important thing to consider is language. Although Slovenian is the official language of the country, many universities in the country offer courses that are completely taught in English. You’ll find some that give you the option of taking certain courses in English. If you would like to go for a challenge and learn Slovenian, many universities offer language courses you can take before beginning your major.

    Once you have selected a program, you are expected to submit language proficiency proof if you are not a native speaker, regardless if it is English or Slovenian.

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     Cheap Universities in Slovenia

    1. University of Ljubljana

    This University is named after the capital city of Slovenia, and was founded in 1919. It has 23 faculties and academies which award over 150 bachelor degree programs. It is equally a leader in the fields of research and development, and has tons of extracurricular activities, in addition to affiliations with other universities that are in and outside the country.

    It has buildings in Ljubljana and Portoroz, which include the National and University Library of Slovenia and the university library, with over one million books.

    Students are able to choose between part-time and full-time programs, and this low tuition university in Slovenia has several English programs, although some are only opened if a certain amount of students enroll. They also offer combined degree programs, professional (vocational) programs, in addition to a long-distance study option.

    A typical bachelor program typically last between 3 and 4 years, but they also offer a single-cycle master program, which lasts between 5 and 6. This program was developed for programs that are regulated by the European Union, such as medical or architectural programs.

    Tuition fees for most of the bachelor programs is in the range of 3,000 EUR (around $3,370) to 5,500 EUR (around $6,180) per year. However, there are a few exceptions which are cosmetology, physics, medicine, mental medicine, pharmacy, and laboratory medicine. For these courses, fees increase significantly and may amount  to 8,000 EUR (around $9,000) or 15,000 EUR (around $16,850).

    If you visit website, you will find an exclusive section solely for international students. In there, you’ll find a list of majors organized by faculty where you can check out the tuition fees of each of them, the language in which the courses are offered, if there are any other required payments, etc. However, the international guide section provides more information, as it is divided into 17 different pages, so do well to check it out if you are interested in studying here! 

    2. University of Maribor

    For a long time, The University of Ljubljana was the only university in Slovenia or at least until 1975 when the University of Maribor was established. It has 17 faculties that are located throughout Slovenia because the university has campuses in eight cities. These are located in Ljubljana, Kranj, Celje, Hoče, Krško, Velenje, Brežice, and of course, Maribor. The University of Maribor is one of the cheapest universities in Slovenia!

    Approximately 15,000 students are educated here each year and choose one of the 185 programs offered, which include both academic and vocational programs. Around 10% of places for the new students of the first year are available for international students.

    This university has student dormitories for domestic and international students. They are located in five of the campuses. There are 633 single rooms and 1117 double rooms available each year. Make sure to apply early because the number of spots for international students is limited.

    They have a tutoring system in which a senior student or a professor is assigned to a new student. This is made with the objective of helping students to make the transition between secondary and tertiary education, and to improve their academic performance.

    The application process is done through the eVŠ portal and students must also complete the recognition of secondary education. Fees for international students can go from 1,800 EUR to 3,900 EUR (around $2,000 and $4,500). When visiting their website, we recommend you to check their brochures and their survival guide. Always check the links on the right column because they usually have useful and up-to-date information. 

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    3. University of Nova Gorica (UNG)

    Founded sometime in 1995, the University of Nova Gorica is situated very close to Italy. It has facilities in in Nova Gorica, Vipava, Gorizia (very close to the Slovenian border, in Italy), and Ajdovščina.

    It houses seven schools, four laboratories, and six research centers. There are several options for programs completely taught in English. They offer bachelor, master, and Ph.D. degree courses in the areas of natural sciences, management, engineering, biotechnical sciences, art, and humanities.

    The application process is outlined in detail on their website but is quite similar to the process explained above. Based on your program, tuition fees range from 2,800 EUR to 5,000 EUR (between $3,150 and $5,600). Students are expected to pay an enrollment fee of 75 EUR (around $85). This tuition fee is quite affordable relative to the excellent education that you will receive at the University of Nova Gorica.

    There are special offers for international students in which you can pay an extra amount of 1,500 EUR ($1,700), to stay on a 10 monthly residence in a double room apartment. Take a look at their website to learn more!

    Although their courses are taught in English, their language center offers Slovenian language programs for international students. 

    4. University of Primorska

    The University of Primorska was established in 2003, and is located in the coastal region of Slovenia, with facilities in the cities of Koper, Portorož, and Izola. The good news is that the University of Primorska is an affordable tuition university in Slovenia!

    There are six faculties of management, education, humanities, health care, tourism studies, and mathematics, natural sciences and information technologies. They collectively do 74-degree programs from which around 6,000 students are educated each year. There is also a college of design and a research institute made up of 16 research groups.

    This university also does programs in Slovenian and in English. Some combine both languages. However, you will find plenty of options for those who want to complete their education in English. Each faculty has its own website, and each year, they share a list with the English programs available. The faculty of Natural Sciences and Information Technologies for example has three undergraduate programs, three masters, and two doctorates offered in English.

    Although you can decided to study in English, the university wants to ensure that international students can communicate outside the classroom. That’s the reason they offer a 60-hour Slovenian course to all new foreign students. This course is completely free. Also, second-year students have to take a basic Slovenian exam to ensure they aren’t going through language difficulties or that they don’t need extra classes.

    I hope the information we provided in this article on low tuition universities in Slovenia was helpful. Please do well to share this article by using the sharing icons below so others can also benefit.

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