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Top 15 Cheapest Tuition Universities In United Kingdom

    Oxford debate hall By Barker Evans

    The tuition fees of a university are definitely one of the top things you look out for when scouting for a good college to enroll in. It is also a known fact that universities in UK, as well its environs like Scotland, Ireland and even England have one of the most expensive tuition fees in the world. However, there are also universities in such axis which have affordable tuition rates. In order to aid your search, as well as assist you in planning financially for your dream college, this article brings you a collection of cheapest tuition universities in the UK.

    Staffordshire University

    Staffordshire University is one excellent college, with affordable and amazing tuition rates. The average tuition in a whole year is £10,500. It also offers fast-track Bachelor degrees. That is to say, in just two years, you can complete your degree program. The university is also the only in UK which offers a B.A in cartoon and comics. Staffordshire enables you boost your knowledge and creativity with their amazing and exciting courses. Staffordshire University is just the place to be if you are interested in taking exciting and unique courses.

    Teesside University

    It is located in Middleborough, and is committed to encouraging students to be creative and innovative. Teesside offers different degree programs, and has an average tuition of £10,250 per year. Teesside University is one dynamic college, whereby its students are trained to carry out quality and helpful researches. The energetic drive of the lecturers at Teesside inspires you as a student to be even more energetic and passionate about learning. If you are passionate about research and findings, you should apply at Teesside.

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    Harper Adams University College

    The university has an affordable average tuition of £11,000. It recently ranked in 10th for alumni employment in the UK. It is close to Edgmond in Shropshire, England. Harper Adams has been in existence since 1901, and is known for providing specialist education in agricultural sector.Harper is a great place to study and one you may want to consider, especially if anything related to agriculture catches your interest.

    University of Cumbria

    Cumbria was established in the year 2007, and is yet another quick developing university. The university has not only been proven to grow academically, but also geographically. It offers a lot of professional courses like teacher training, business management, healthcare, amongst others. University of Cumbria is located in the northwest region of United Kingdom. If you already find this interesting, and have a budget of about £10,500, you may want to consider Cumbria.

    University of Bolton

    The university of Bolton has an average tuition fee of £11,000. It offers courses like special effects for movie production, a range of vocational courses, as well as academic courses. University of Bolton was established in the year 2004 and has the motto “wisdom overcomes difficulty”.

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    Buckinghamshire New University

    The university has three campuses- one in High Wycombe, Aylesbury and the third in Uxbridge. They are both located within central London, and are easily accessible. It is also a great place for you as an international student. If you are within or around London and want to enroll in Buckinghamshire, the budget an estimate of £9,500 annually. Also, if you have a thing for sight-seeing lovely views and places, Buckinghamshire should top your list. It affords you to be close to attractions in nearby London.

    Coventry University

    This university can be traced as far back to 1843. It was formerly known as Coventry College for Design. The university is more popular for courses in Health and Nursing. Coventry Universitywas the first ever to offer and award a Bachelor in Disaster Management. Coventry’s tuition is an average of between £9,000-12,600. Coventry University is one of the fastest growing and developing universities in United Kingdom. The university is estimated to have about 31,700 students, and has received diverse ratings.

    York St John University

    St. John’s university is located in Lord Mayor’s Walk. If you love a very social life, you may want to budget £11,000 yearly. As a student at York, you would have easy access to traditional or local pubs, shops, and bars.

    University College of Birmingham

    This is another excellent college with affordable tuition fees of £10,000. Around the university’s environs are restaurants, pastry shops, a spa, as well as a sporting therapy or gym. If you love any of these activities and have that tuition budget, Birmingham may be just right for you.

    University of Limerick

    This is also referred to as UL. It is a higher institution of educational advancement, which is located in Limerick, Ireland. University of Limerick was established in 1972. Tuition in Limerick is an average of £12,000.

    University College of Cork

    This is the National university of Ireland, and was founded in 1845. The College of Cork was first known as the Queen’s College, Cork. If you want to study at Cork, Ireland, plan financially towards an average of $4000 per semester.

    The University of Edinburgh

    This university is located in Scotland. It is one of the world’s top universities, and was founded in 1582. Edinburgh’s tuition rates are an estimate of INR24L annually, that is, for undergraduate students.

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    University of Dundee

    The Dundee public research university was established in 1881. It is located in Scotland. University of Dundee is also one of UK’s leading universities, with an affordable tuition of about 9,000GBP.

    University of Wales, Trinity Saint David

    The university of Wales has an average tuition fee of £11,000 a year. Why study at Wales? Wales is one of the young, yet fast striving universities in the United Kingdom. It was established in 2010, and it came about through a merger of some old universities. Talk about experience and quality.

    University of Suffolk

    The university of Suffolk is one of the best, even for international students. The university of Suffolk has an average tuition of £10,080 per annum. The university is currently thirteen years old, as it was founded in 2007. The university has about 5,000 students, with a larger female population. The University of Suffolk’s main campus is located in Ipswich.

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