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Top 12 Cheapest Tuition Universities In Ukraine

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    If you are a student and you are looking for the best institution that offers quality education with cheap tuition fees, then you should consider studying in Ukraine.

    There are lots of opportunities and life charging prospects for students who are interested in pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in various fields including sciences, arts, management and banking. In addition to academic pursuits, Ukraine is a country for tourist attractions with every corner being beautiful as each region contains its own historic history. Places of interest to visit while studying in Ukraine include khortytsia island, black sea, Potemkin stairs in Odessa. Various Languages are being spoken in Ukraine but amongst this stream of languages the most popular ones include English, German, and Russian. The perks that comes with studying in Ukraine is not just because of its worldwide recognition for good education, the massive job prospects on graduation but also because of its transparent admission process.

    In addition to the benefits involved in studying in Ukraine, it should also interest you to know that the cost of living in Ukraine as a student is amazingly affordable in comparison with institutes in other countries as a budget of $250 to $400 would be enough to cover the cost of accommodation, food, books, clothing and transportation.

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    Below includes a list of the top twelve affordable institutions to study in Ukraine:

    1. Kharkov National University of Economics:

    Making number one on the list is the top most affordable institution in Ukraine owing to the fact that this particular institution is a state higher educational institution with the top most level of accreditation and also being a subordinate to the ministry of science and education in Ukraine. This institution is leading in terms of economics, administration, management, entrepreneurship, informatics, computer engineering and service sphere. Being licensed by the ministry of education and science, youth and sports of Ukraine, the university is in charge of preparing Ukrainian and foreign citizens for the entrance exams for the higher educational institutions.

    The economy of Ukraine has taken a good turn after the establishment of this great institution because it has seven faculties, thirty four departments, Correspondence and Distance Learning Center, Center of Post-Graduate education, the specialized academic councils on the defense of these for receiving scientific degree of Doctor or Candidate of Science in Economics, educational and scientific-research laboratories, a computer centre, a scientific and technical library, publishing house, sports complexes in the University. Having a considerable experience in training Ukrainian students, KHNUE influences HR, scientific, technical and economic policy of industrial enterprises and organizations of the country.


    1. Crimea State Medical University:

    This institution comes second on the list as it is the best academy for medical and health sciences in Ukraine. With the clinical department having modern equipments, advanced diagnostic inventory and a well set up practical lab to meet modern requirements. In addition to all this, crimea state medical institution has a well groomed staff of about 103 doctors of science, professors and 534 candidates of science and also 60 professors of science.

    Since the inception of this great institution, the country has had lots of qualified doctors and health care professionals and as such lives have been saved and the economy of the country booms continually.

    1. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv:

    Over the years, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv has increased its popularity at a national level owing to the fact that they offer courses in Russian and Ukrainian languages to foreign students thereby increasing the influx of international students.

    This institution is well known for their research and scientific breakthrough making their science faculty one of the best in the country. As a growing university with financial backing from Ukrainian presidents and their emphasis on medical sciences, the university is among the best in the country which offers quality education at low prices.

    1. Ternopil National Economics University:

    This is one of the leading autonomous institution for higher education in Ukraine. With fourth level of accredition, this great institution has the right to graduate masters of economics which is a high level of achievement for an institution. The Ternopil National Economics University methodology has over the years made it possible for student and lecturers to work hand in hand to achieve a high level of success in academic research and experiments by providing them with a conducive environment for studying, course books, laboratory manual and study guide.

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    1. Donetsk Sate Academy of Management:

    Donetsk State Academy of Management also known as DNUM is one of the top Institute of management in Ukraine. With its modern approach to education, this institution is specialized in churning out the best professionals for management positions in fields like: Banking, Marketing, finance and law. The university’s main aim is to produce qualified professionals with creative minds and intelligent decision making skills who can serve greatest human needs in this ever changing world economy.

    1. Donetsk State University of Economics and Trade:

    This is one of the leading academic institutions of economics and trade in Ukraine. Having a great team of highly qualified lecturers and professors in the field of economics has made it one of the best as it has been producing graduates with high problem solving capacity which is highly needed in this present Ukrainian society.

    The university structure includes the following subdivisions: the institute of accounting and finance, institute of economics and management, institute of foodstuff industries, faculty of marketing, Donetsk College of technology and design.

    1. Kharkiv National Municipal Academy:

    With the recent urbanization of most rural areas within Ukraine, The country has a reasonable amount of urban and regional planning professionals which the Kharkiv National Municipal Academy graduated as this institution is the best when it comes to urban development studies. Having a total of 6 academic buildings, education and research laboratories, 6 hostel blocks and a state of the art library containing a total of 900,000 books making it the right academy to learn and become an urban development professional.

    1. Kyiv National Linguistic University:

    Being one of the best universities for studying foreign languages in kyiv, This institution that was founded in 1948 was named “In Yaz” meaning foreign languages is currently ranking 4th best University specialized in social sciences, arts and humanities. What makes the University one of the best is the fact that it is harboring both foreign and national lecturers and professors of different languages and as such students have the option of picking the main language they intend to study and other optional languages of interest.

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    1. Kharkiv State University of Railway Transport:

    The USSR council of people’s commissars decree No. 11. 06 – R 7 Nov 1944 whose name changed to National Transport University (NTU) 1 SEP 2000 founded the Kiev automobile highway institute. This institution was among the first institute of higher education to train professionals in: road traffic engineering/control and road transport economics making it the best in Ukraine and also because of the fact that graduates from this institute have an opportunity to get trained by Kiev automobiles during their graduate training.


    1. Kharkiv National Medical University:

    This is one of the oldest medical colleges in Ukraine which was established in 1805 which makes it the best University for foreign students to study medicine in the country. This university is the best medical educational institute because of its prestige and the top degrees being offered there some of them include MBBS, pharmacy, dentistry and nursing.


    1. Vinnitsya National Medical University:

    This national memorial pirogov university is one of the best when it comes to meeting the needs of foreign students as it provides an avenue for them to study in the preparatory faculty of medicine with specialties in general medicine, medical psychology and paediatrics not excluding pharmacy with specialties in pharmacy and clinical pharmacy. This institution also has post graduate degree programs in 54 medical specialties.


    1. Zaporozhye State Medical University:

    This university should be your best if you are looking for the best in medical technology, clinical pharmacy and dentistry, reason being that the institute was established in 1903 making it one of the oldest in Ukraine having a level 4 accreditation.

    In accordance with changes in the society, technology and the world in general, Zaporozhye State Medical University trains its graduates to be masters and skilled professionals in their chosen field of specialty in other to help improve the living standards of the citizens of Ukraine health wise.

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