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Top 11 Universities without GRE

    Obtaining an undergraduate degree is a major achievement, however, most people wish to advance their studies by entering graduate studies. This way, you can further your education within your field. But securing an admission for a graduate degree may be difficult in some cases. Lots of universities require a score from the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) to be qualified for their programs.

    However, we have put together list of some universities that do not require GRE, so that you can properly weigh your options so as to choose properly.

    Universities without GRE

    1. University of Florida

    One of the main institutions in the country is the University of Florida. This top university which has over 50,000 students enrolled to run different programs does not require GRE. University of Florida, the eighth largest university in the United States, is haven for international students. The weather in Florida isn’t so extreme and it focuses on research, since it has more than 150 research centers show. This university is ideal for graduate studies with about 100 master degrees and over 70 doctorates available. GRE isn’t required for most of these programs.

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    2. University of Southern California

    The University of Southern California, situated in the state of California, is one of the universities without GRE. It is one of the most ancient universities in this area. It was established in 1880 and had a research orientation, making it attract master and doctorate students. It also has wide number of programs which can vary from medicine to law. Lots of important achievements, including DNA computing, have taken place in this university.

    3. University of Pittsburgh

    The University of Pittsburgh is a very old institution established in 1787. Since its establishment, it has changed names, survived fires, and relocations to become what it is today. The University of Pittsburgh is recognized globally for the high number of research production, with substantial federal grants to fund innovation. This has garnered it international recognition for the excellence of its programs and the feature of its research centers. The University of Pittsburgh does not require GRE for its graduate programs.

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    4. Boston University

    Boston University also doesn’t require GRE and its high number of research production makes it attract graduate students. The institution has over 30,000 students enrolled to study different programs including law, medicine, and dentist degrees among others. Renowned Nobel Laurates and Pulitzer Prize Winner have graduated from this university.

     5. Colorado Technical University

    The Colorado Technical University located in Colorado Springs, offers a wide range of graduate programs. This university has a second campus in Denver. Colorado Technical University also offer an efficient and all-inclusive online platform, where students can major in classes online. This is highly suitable, especially for adult learners and graduate students that have other duties to attend to.

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    6. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    This is the largest and oldest in the state and it’s renowned for lots of advances in ecological and agricultural sciences. There have been exceptional breakthroughs that are now used nationwide, courtesy of the research performed in this area at this college. The university offer studies in engineering, law, art, business among others. Research programs vary from medicine, agriculture, to technology, making it a haven to graduate students. University of Nebraska doesn’t require GRE.

    7. University of Oklahoma

    University of Oklahoma which focuses on research does not require GRE. This has led the faculty to promote the opening of several master and doctorate programs in various subjects. Programs offered at University of Oklahoma includes aeronautical engineering and dance programs among others. The business school of this University is one of the best in the United States.

    8. National University

    The National University, situated in the state of California, San Diego is planned to meet the requirements of adult students, meaning, it allows for flexible schedules. The online programs are some of the most popular. This makes it stress-free for students with other tasks to be able to attend their classes without any issues. National University offers over 100 graduate programs, making it a great option for students interested in furthering their education but in need of flexible times.

    9. Sonoma State University

    The Sonoma State University offers only 19 master degrees and also doesn’t require GRE. This university with beautiful scenery offers high-quality educations, making several graduate students to rush there for their studies. The university has exponentially grown all through the years and it will continue to increase. Sonoma State also boasts of a high-class library.

    10. Kansas State University

    Kansas State University, a public university, is another university without GRE. This institution has two campuses and it offers lots of graduate programs, with over 65 master degrees. This institution is ideal for students who wish to further their higher education. Kansas State University was the first one to be established in Kansas. There are lots of research carried out in different subjects, with much weight placed on agriculture.

    11. University of New Haven

    The University of New Haven, located in New Haven, Connecticut, does not also require GRE. This institution has been gradually strengthening its graduate offers for students over the years. Some programs available include forensic sciences, engineering, and business. University of New Haven offers over 50 graduate programs, making it an attractive choice for numerous students. The student population is less than 10,000, the faculty is able to provide more personalized attention.

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