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Top 10 Universities in the World and their Tuition Fees

    niceGetting a degree from a top University in the world can be very expensive. It can cost up to US$182,000 per academic year. Currently, the University of Chicago is the most expensive university in the global top ten. Thanks to various  financial aid schemes by private universities in the US, international students can have their partial to full needs covered.  Currently,there are four popular universities in the US that offer need blind admission for all admitted students

    * Amherst College
    * Dartmouth College
    * Harvard University
    * MIT
    *Princeton University

    *Yale University

    Need-blind admission implies that students are admitted regardless of their ability to pay tuition, and that universities will fully cover all expenses. This scheme only applies to students whose parents cant afford tuition based on their income.

    Top Ten Universities and Tuition fees

    (1) Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)  ——-    $36,000
    (2) Harvard University —– $38,891
    (3) University of Cambridge—-$14,000
    (4) University College London (UCL)—–$14,000
    (5) Imperial College London—–$14,000
    (6) University of Oxford—-$14,000
    (7)Stanford University—-$42,690
    (8) Yale University—$43,100
    (9)University of Chicago—$45,324
    (10) California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

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