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Top 10 Study Abroad Destinations for 2019

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    Getting a foreign education has always been the dreams of students for decades. That dream is even becoming stronger this days since the internet has made the world a global village. Nobody can blame students for desiring to visit sites they’ve only seen displayed online. Why should they not live in communities where they may have even connected with people through social media.

    Most times, the best places to pursue ones study can change from year to year. Social, political, and environmental factors can decide whether or not a place is safe or good for students. But, it’s not all negative. Some countries might have historical events or natural occurrences that might make visiting them a particular priority.

    With all these in mind, we have decided to provide you with the top 10 destinations that truly stand out as places to study abroad. Just continue reading to check them out. The first on the list is Sweden.


    Sweden is considered one of the best study abroad destinations. Not only does Sweden have a healthy economy and infrastructure, the country itself is absolutely gorgeous and is safe for students. Thanks to the importance that’s placed on higher education, students have a variety of choices when it comes to picking a school.

    If you’re disturbed about language barriers, do not worry. While it’s good to know at least some of the native language, a large number of Swedes also speak English very well. Finally, don’t be put off if Swedes seem a bit aloof. They’re simply more reserved than the average American. However, once the ice does break, they are quite loyal friends.

    1. Chile

    Chile for many years now has boast of a low crime rate and a good economy. This makes the country a very safe study abroad destination for students from around the world. It also has a rich and interesting history. Chile is a good choice for students that enjoy spending some quality time outdoors as it boasts mountains and beautiful coastlines. While many students choose to attend school in the capital city of Santiago, there are also educational opportunities in many other cities. Students should understand the Spanish language, or be willing to learn.

    1. Thailand

    Since a greater portion of Thailand’s economy is based on the tourism, Thailand is very friendly to visitors, including students. There are a lot of colleges as well as universities in the city of Bangkok and elsewhere for students to choose from.

    While you are studying there, you will also enjoy amazing landscapes, marketplaces, beaches, and food. We recommend that you try your hand at Muay Thai boxing, Wherever you decide to go, make plans to take a trip to the gorgeous Grand Palace.

    1. Brazil

    It doesn’t really matter if your choice is gorgeous beaches, beautiful jungles, or bustling metropolitan regions. You can get all these if you are a student in Brazil. Of course, the country isn’t all parties and adventures. You will have plenty of opportunities to work hard at your studies as well.

    If its possible, try and time your school attendance so that you are in Brazil during the Carnival period. This is their version of Mardi Gras, and it is truly an amazing spectacle to attend.

    1. New Zealand

    If you love culture and want to see a lot of cultural shock, then New Zealand may be a good choice for you. You’ll also have your choice of attending one of several world class universities in Auckland and elsewhere. New Zealand is a great option for outdoor enthusiasts and fans of extreme sports. So be prepared to surf, board, ski, and hike.

    1. France

    France has always been a favored location among students that are interested in studying abroad. There’s no wonder why! If you are living in France for a semester, or even a year, you will be exposed to an amazing cultural experience. It truly has it all from food to art to history. Enjoy the gorgeous structural design. You have your choice of several schools and universities as well.

    Do not be carried away by the myth that the French are rude either. Parisians may tend to be a bit brusque and hurried, but no more so than people living in any urban center. While many French citizens do speak English, you may still encounter a language barrier. Using a translation service can help you to bridge that gap, especially when it comes to important educational documents.

    1. Spain

    One main reason why one should study in Spain is that you have the unique opportunity of having the rest of Europe easily accessible to you. Also, Northern Africa is just a short hop across the Mediterranean. There are a lot of colleges and universities to choose from, many providing the best educational experience. Don’t worry about the rigors of academia being too much to handle. The Spanish value a laid back lifestyle, so you will have a lot of downtime.

    It would be careless to talk about Spain without mentioning two things, scenery and food. If you choose Spain as your study abroad destination, just check out the beautiful Spanish Riviera as well as the vibrant night life. When it comes to food, it’s difficult to tell you where to begin. Food is Spain’s gift to the world be sure to try the following food: paella, Ibericojamon, and of course tapas!

    1. Italy

    If you are interested bent in pursuing a course in music, art, business, architecture or something else, you will certainly find wonderful schools on Italy’s mainland or one of their many gorgeous islands. In Italy you will see a lot of people, foods, and traditions. However, the common thread is that all take pride in their heritage, and place high value on friends and families.

    As a student pursuing your study in Italy, you will surely to be made to feel welcome no matter where you go. This, together with the opportunity to take part in some amazing cultural experiences makes Italy well worth considering.

    1. England

    For many years now, getting admission into prestigious schools such as Oxford or Cambridge University has widely been seen to be some of the greatest academic achievements ever. Regrettably, for most students these are not attainable goals. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a Rhodes Scholar to spend time pursuing studies England. There are lots of schools and academic programs that give admission to foreign students.

    Although, the cost of living in England can be a bit high, the experience is well worth the expenses. England has a rich combination of history, culture, nature, and urban experiences. You’ll also be located ideally if you are interested in visiting other European countries as well.

    1. UAE

    If you have thought of spending some time in the Middle East, it’s not surprising. It is an old, vibrant, and compelling culture. For people coming from the west, the best choice for studying abroad is likely the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is progressive, tolerant, and very welcoming to students coming from the United States.

    As a student pursuing studies in UAE, you will have to chose from several many colleges and universities in the country. While you are studying, you can use that opportunity to visit each of the seven emirates in order to fully experience the UAE. In so doing so, you will see luxurious cities, beaches, deserts, and much more.


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