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Top 10 Cheap Tuition or Affordable Study Abroad Programs




    There’s a lot to think off when planning to go abroad for university. You are expected  to pick a study abroad destination that suits you, find a program that meets your educational desires, and most importantly, explore study opportunities that are cheap and affordable.

    Without any doubt Studying abroad on cheap tuition can give your time in college meaning. While these experiences are important , they are pricey. It’s important  to select a study abroad program that not only cements your educational and career path but also meets up with your financial needs. In subsequent paragraphs, you’ll discover 10 very cheap study abroad programs  across the world.

    1. University of East Anglia

    • Location: Norwich, England
    • Semester price: $5,620 (2019)

    This university is found 118 miles northeast of London, Norwich-a charming British city with a lot to explore. Offering semester- or year-long courses, the University of East Anglia is an ideal place to spend your time studying abroad. After classes, you can connect with fellow students in exploring nearby Norwich Cathedral or dive into local history around Tombland.

    2. Unitec Institute of Technology

    • Location: Auckland, New Zealand
    • Semester price: $6,145 

    Are you interested in studying information technology, graphic design, or digital media? Unitec Institute of Technology is the right place to build your passion for learning and immerse yourself in quintessential New Zealand culture. Outside of the classroom, you will be able to enjoy natural wonders such as blue sandylocal beaches, or manmade marvels, such as the city’s iconic Sky Tower.

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    3. Schiller International University

    • Location: Madrid, Spain
    • Semester price: $6,230 

    Interested in a degree in business?Then travel to Spain, where you can continue your pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in International Business at Schiller International University. With a diverse set  of students and a strong  focus on developing real-world skills, you’ll graduate from the program with new found knowledge and a network of professionals and friends.

    4. University of Tasmania

    • Location: Tasmania, Australia
    • Semester price: $6,415 

    You should study abroad on the island of Tasmania off the south coast of Australia, and you’ll discover  a bevy of amazimg opportunities at the University of Tasmania. Not only will your classes be interesting, but nature lovers will love this place amidst the stunning forests, oceans, and national marine parks that are on this island.

    5. Maynooth University

    • Location: Maynooth, Ireland
    • Semester price: $6,885 

    Why not align your studies abroad with your degree and move to the Emerald Isle. popularly known as a university town, Maynooth University is found in Ireland’s County Kildare. About 16 miles outside of Dublin, Maynooth brims with tons of students and local landmarks like Castletown House and The Wonderful Barn. You’ll definitely discover the fascinating culture of Ireland while undertaking your studies.

    6. University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China

    • Location: Ningbo, China
    • Semester price: $6,915 

    With classes delivered in English as well as free Chinese classes and several internship opportunities, the University of Nottingham in Ningbo, China is a top notch program  for those seeking to study abroad in Asia. There are both on-campus housing and top programs provided by one of the leading universities in the UK. students could shoot themselves in the foot if they do not learn more about this program.

    7. Lorenzo de’ Medici

    • Location: Florence, Italy
    • Semester price: $7,060 

    In your mind eyes, picture yourself going over a notebook while eating an authentic pizza? Studying abroad at Lorenzo de’ Medici could be right for you. Found in the heart of Florence, this immersive program will allow you the opportunity to explore contemporary subjects and classic Italian culture.

    8. Australian Catholic University

    • Location: Several locations throughout Australia, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Ballarat
    • Semester price: $7,150 

    Australian Catholic University’s study abroad program places a huge emphasis on small class sizes to increase closer collaboration between lecturers and students. Offering a wide range of programs  as well as an abundance of off-site field trips, this is a fantastic program for students looking to discover Australia.

    9. FUBiS

    • Location: Berlin, Germany
    • Semester price: $7,810 

    Berlin sits at the heart of Germany, and brims with artistic and historic sites to explore. At the epicenter of these explorations is an enriching program run by FuBIS. From programs in communication courses to architecture and history, you’ll definitely find what you’re searching  for with its affordable range of study abroad courses.

    10. University College Cork

    • Location: Cork, Ireland
    • Semester price: $8,025 

    You should make the move to the land of leprechauns and folklore by paying for a spot at University College Cork. If you didn’t know, Cork is the second largest city in Ireland, and students will be surrounded by the  natural beauty in addition to the amazing local culture.

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