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Tips On How To Study In Poland

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    Poland is a great place to study if you’re looking for a country of repute for your university education. It is attracting students and growing steadily in its repute as a course for qualitative studies,it utilizes the standard of excellence in education in Europe in its education and offers over 300 courses in English Language.

    Poland has great statistics if you’re considering international university education. With great cities like Warsaw, Gnask and Krakow students can experience great social life and quality education – two key factor for personal development.


    Poland has beautiful scenery,landscapes and great environment.Often referred to as the gateway to Europe,Poland is located close to both Europe and Asia.


    You can afford to study in Poland and you don’t have to come from very wealthy family or have a very big fat account to study in Poland.Education in Poland is very affordable.

    Studying in Poland is very affordable as Poland strives to offer competitive educational cost to attract more international students.More and more universities are been reformed in the country to encourage international students from across the globe and you will find life in Poland during your education fascinating.

    Poland has different institutions for post-secondary education; it includes private universities,public universities, polytechnics, monotechnics and technical institutions.

    You can adapt easily in Poland because most courses are offered in English, furthermore should you like to take Bachelor’s program it takes between 3 – 5 years only depending on area of specialization. It is noteworthy to know that Bachelor level degree takes just 3 years and additional 2 years to obtain Master’s degree – This means within 5 years if you decide you can obtain a Master’s Certification of you choose to study in Poland.

    Degrees offered in Polish institutions are recognized and accepted around the continent. They are not just recognized they are accepted all over the world. So choose Poland today and get a good start to your tertiary educational career.


    The fees for tuition are cheaper comparable to its counterparts in Europe.Each university sets its own price so be aware that it is up to each institution to set its own cost.These fees are also dependent on academic program applied for, but you may make budget between $1,650 and $3,000 for tuition per academic year,some courses can go higher so take note of this .


    International students must complete and submit an application to university of choice and upon acceptance of admission student must begin to put together very important things that would be required for successful entry to Poland.You must have the following:

    –  A valid international passport

    – Document stipulating the duration of studies in Poland (This must be more than 3 months)

    – Financial Statement (It has to prove student is well supported to study while in Poland )

    – Health Insurance


    Universities in Poland offer both campus and off-campus residence, students can choose if to study on or off campus.

    If you choose to study in small cities, you can budget to spend around 200 – 300 euros monthly for living expenses and utilities but if you choose to stay in larger cities like Warsaw or Krakow you may budget around 380 – 450 euros monthly for your upkeep


    Admission into Polish Universities is done online. All you need do is contact the university and apply for admission through their website. Ensure that you have put a correct email address so they can contact you for more information regarding your application.

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