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Tips on How to study free in IICSE University

    If you are looking for an opportunity to study free without having to pay for tuition fees, then you should consider IICES University. This university is one of the best online universities in the world where you can get qualitative education at no cost at all.

    About the University

    IICSE University is a tuition-free online distance learning university, committed to raising leaders of tomorrow. All the programs are designed to meet the challenges of the present-day. IICSE degrees are practical and modern. With just a computer system, Smartphone or tablet equipped with internet connectivity, students all over the world can access all programs offered in the university. Degree offered in the university can be completed at your own pace, suiting your schedules.

    List of programs offered

    IICSE University offers a broad range of study programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students are offered extensive learning support and welfare services that help with all aspects of distance learning university life and beyond. Below are a number of undergraduate and postgraduate study programs offered in the University:


    Certificate Programs (4 months)                    – Requirement: High school certificate
    Diploma Programs (9 months)                       – Requirement: High school certificate
    Associate’s Degree (18 months)                    – Requirement: High school certificate

    Bachelor’s Degree Programs (3 years)         – Requirement: High school certificate
    Bachelor’s Degree Programs (18 months)   – Requirement: Diploma / ND or equiv.
    Bachelor’s Degree Top-Up (9 months)         – Requirement: HND/Advanced Diploma

    PostGraduate Diploma
    (9 months)              – Requirement: HND/Adv. Dip./Bachelors
    Master’s Degree Programs (1 year)            – Requirement: PGD/Bachelors or equiv.
    Doctoral Degree Programs (3 years)            – Requirement: MBA/Masters or equiv.


    Admission requirements

    Getting admission into IICSE university is very easy and straightforward.

    The University supports the general principles of age, stage, past experience and qualifications, whereby students are allowed to progress through their educational development and qualifications at an appropriate rate according to their ability.

    In addition to meeting the required academic standard, applicants must satisfy the general University as well as specific departmental educational requirements. Applicants who are awaiting their results will also be considered for admission.

    If you interested in studying in IICSE university, you need to download and complete the university’s Application Form. Then, send  the completed Form for admission processing.

    Once you have done that, you will receive your Admission Letter together with the supporting document immediately after your completed application form is received and processed.

    Mode of study

    IICSE University offers a unique distance learning experience that combines e-learners, information technologies, and the internet. All distance learning students receive study materials that are made available through the University Portal.

    Made up of individuals from around the world, the student body learns through a defined curriculum with the recommended study materials. The student community is being divided into several individuals – all participating in the same distance learning courses.

    With a dedicated University portal, the students and staff who comprise IICSE University represent a diverse group coming from both under-developed and developed countries around the world.

    Graduated students will be issued a Degree and Academic Transcripts showing academic grades and scores. Graduated students can progress to further their studies on higher education or apply for employment on job opportunities.

    What graduates say about the University

    “…I thank you for giving me the opportunity to study with your university. I am proud to be a student of IICSE University, Inc.”.
    – Michael F., BS Electronic Physics


    “Thank you very much for your help, I really do appreciate what you people are doing and for giving people like us hope and opportunity to further our studies and become better people to our self, families and the society at large. Thanks.”
    – Felix O., PGD Engineering Management


    Thanks for your reply and I am very happy. I am now happy that at last I can still further my education and attain my dreams. I promise to be hard working, thanks and God bless you.”
    – Richard I., BS Computer Engineering

    Good morning sir, it is my pleasure to communicate with you sir. It is concerning my course of interest. I will be very happy to offer an M.Sc. in System Engineering and Management with you, but I will like to offer this course at Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) stage first, simply because of the humbleness  of my first degree in a closely related Science course, may I found your favor in the admission’s processes.

    Most importantly,  I wish to commend the efforts of your university so far in getting affiliation with reputable educational agencies. I believe that this will be achieved by God’s Grace. I believe in the vision of IICSE University’s founders, and that it shall stand forever.

    Sincerely Yours.”
    – James (Prospective Student)


    Thanks for the mail sent to me. I have successfully log in and access the course curriculum. I have started my studies immediately. Your university is very organized. Thanks.”
    – Samuel O., BS Accounting


    Tuition/processing fees

    Like I said at the onset, IICSE University is a tuition free online university. There’s no tuition fees and all study materials are provide free of charge.

    For the University to remain sustainable, IICSE University charge a one-time Application Processing Fee of $150 and an Exam Processing Fee of $50 per exam to cover the cost of processing the examination. The aim is to ensure that no qualified applicants around the world are denied the right to access university education for financial reasons.

    How to apply for admission into IICSE University

    If you are interested in studying in IICSE University, all you have to do is download and complete the Application Form. Then, send the completed Form to the university for admission processing. Your admission letter will be made available to you once your documents are received.

    How to contact IICSE University

    If you want to contact IICSE University, you can do that by using any of the contacts below:

    IICSE Registered Office
    One Commerce Center,
    1201 Orange Street,
    Wilmington, DE 19899, U.S.A.

    I hope this information was helpful. So you now know an online university you can study free of charge, you can share the information with your friends by using the sharing buttons below. If you have any question, feel free to ask by using the comment box below.

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