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Tips On How to Apply For Internships

    Image result for InternshipsCompetition is very high for very few opportunities these days so if you’re in college and intend on getting an internship you’re in for some competition. This competition can be quite high, the good news is with some guidance you can out-rank the crowd and get to write your way through to an internship.

    Before we share tips on how to apply for internship it would nice to reiterate that competition is high and whatever position you’re applying for many other people are applying for it so ensure your application is impressive and demonstrate your qualities with optimism relating to your experiences through your academic life, professional and social life. It’s important to demonstrate to the reader that you’re the candidate being sought out for.

    Also ensure before you start to look out for guidelines and directives if you are provided with any so you can stick to the rules guiding the process – it is very important to put this in mind before you start writing.

    We’ve put together a number of tips that will help you through the way in your application for internship.

    1. Expression

    Be yourself, do not try by any means possible to over-impress and reduce your write up to a mere literary essay, express yourself in clear, concise and consistent language.

    Again, do not try to over-impress, be yourself. Write in optimism showing you are pleasurable and make sure you tone of your writing is positive, pleasant and personable.

    1. Tone

    Your application is not just a piece of write up but a representative of your ideals and person.

    Pay attention to your overall tone and don’t appear desperate.

    Tons of applications are sent by your fellow students daily so write in clarity expressing your views about how you look forward to impacting your experiences in the organization.

    1. Relevance

    Do not be vague, proof read your write up over and over to make sure you don’t lose the reader in between. Maintain the connection from start to finish, you don’t have to rush, calm down take it step by step and you’ll be fine.

    1. Treat it like delicious meal – Make it a conversational Piece

    Have you ever had a conversation with someone and it felt so good it felt like eating a meal. Keep it simple, write in such as way this same feeling is produced. Lots of applicants will write in this manner: I will, Ishall, I did and I want, stay off the common path and make yourself exceptional, make it a conversational piece.

    Use your own words and trust yourself – Instincts never leads one astray.

    1. Knowledge

    The place of knowing is vital. Many applicants will follow the path of telling companies what they already know about themselves. Be unique in your presentation, rather than focusing on the path, speak about a future experience you dream of seeing the company fit into.

    1. Sound Personal

    Let your write touch the soul. Write from the soul and you will touch the soul of the reader. Think and imagine you’re the reader, would you like the quality off what you’re reading? Put yourself in the shoes of the person on the other side and write to win him over. Don’t sound creepy, don’t be vague, don’t sound like a robot or emotional just write in clear words as though you’re communicating with the person right before you.

    1. Be Casual

    It’s not an examination so don’t sound too stiff. By all means imply respect and politeness the same time expresses a friendly impression.

    One last tip, no one is perfect and you are not expected to present a perfect application, it doesn’t exist.

    Follow the guidelines and you’ll be fine.

    Good luck!


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