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Tips on how to apply for a study visa

    After being given a study offer, the next thing on the mind of a student is how to obtain a visa as quickly as possible to enable him/her travel to the foreign country. Most students may find it difficult to obtain a visa since visa application process can be complicated or time consuming.

    To get a study visa quickly, you must first and foremost get visa documents ready. What are these documents, you may ask?  The documents you need to obtain a visa include the following:

    • Proof of Acceptance

    An  offer letter issued by an approved university.


    • Evidence of financial capacity

    Students are usually asked to provide proof that he has enough funds to pay for his tuition, air fares and living costs. This can be provided in the form of bank statements, financial aid award letters to mention but a few.


    • Proof of health insurance

    Though this can be optional, some countries require that students buy health insurance that covers them while they are abroad.


    • Passport photographs

    Two to four passport photographs are usually required.


    • Application fee

    Depending on the country you are traveling to, you will be asked to pay a certain amount of money for processing of  the visa to that country. However, you will have to an amount of money ranging from  $100 to $600.


    • Good health

    Students need to provide a medical certificate from a qualified doctor showing that he doesn’t have any terrible health problem, like HIV, Tuberculosis etc


    • Language proficiency

    In some English speaking countries, language proficiency is a vis and in parts of a requirement


    • Under age

    Students that are under the age of 18 years may need additional documentation such as parental consent and information about who will provide for their accommodation and welfare.


    • Immunizations

    Certain countries require specific immunizations before visa is will be granted. These countries are;  Japan, some in Africa and in parts of south America.


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