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The University of Idaho: History, Acceptance Rate and Rankings




    The University of Idaho is a renowned public tertiary institution located in Moscow, Idaho. There are a total of campuses for the University of Idaho: Boise, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls Research and Extension Center, and the main campus located in Moscow. The primary campus in Moscow occupies a 1,585 acres, which makes it the biggest campus in the state of Idaho. They had their first class on October 3rd, 1892 and a total of forty students. The very first graduating class at this university consisted of two men and two women. Presently, it is one of the largest tertiary institutions in Idaho. This article will review the acceptance rate and history at the University of Idaho.

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    It is interesting to note that this university is a land-grant university, which implies the university has the benefits of the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890. Although most land-grant universities are public universities, some are private institutions, such as Cornell University. The University of Idaho was the only tertiary institution in the state for a record 71 years. Idaho’s only  second university opened sometime in 1963, and today there are more than twenty colleges and universities in Idaho’s tertiary education system.

    This university has a very competitive athletic program and houses Idaho Vandals. The Vandals compete at the NCAA Division 1 level and the University of Idaho has loads of on-campus facilities to support their sporting activities.

    With all campuses combined, the university is home to 11,534 students who are currently enrolled. Boasting a 58% graduation rate, the University of Idaho has the highest graduation rate of any public university in the region. For example,the average graduation rate in the state of Idaho is only 41.4 percent. Another metric to consider is the University of Idaho acceptance rate which stays at 76%, which means many students who apply stand a great chance of getting in. There are more than 300 programs available to undergraduate and graduate students. The University of Idaho is also home to a college of law, which got its accreditation from the American Bar Association in 1925. There are a total of ten colleges that are a part of the University of Idaho and two are specifically for graduate programs.

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    There are several student activities available to students who reside both on and off-campus. The university has a diverse student population and the student community has more than 34 Greek organizations. The members of the Greek organizations constitute more than 20 percent of the student body. As part of the diversity of the university, there are equally several opportunities for students to study abroad. The University of Idaho has more than 370 university partners around the world. The university even offers a student fee-funded scholarship which awards $154,000 in scholarships to study abroad every year.

     Acceptance Rate at the University of Idaho

    The University of Idaho has a very high acceptance rate which stands at 76 percent, which means that more than three-fourths of the students who apply are accepted to the university. Students who are interested in applying to the University of Idaho should fill out the online application and submit their high-school transcripts and SAT/ACT test scores to the university directly. There is no application fee for applicants from Idaho.

    The University of Idaho awards more than $25 million in scholarships every year. Students are considered for each scholarship when they carefully fill and submit out their application to the university and are not required to complete any separate scholarship application.

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