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The University of Auckland: Admissions, Ranking, Tuition and Accomodation





    The University of Auckland is located in the heart of New Zealand’s largest and vibrant cosmopolitan city Auckland. Ranked among the world’s top 100* universities, the University of Auckland has a strong  reputation in the areas of research where students have the opportunity to learn from educators and researchers who are at the very top of their field, nationally and internationally.

    The multicultural nature of Auckland city is strongly reflected in the University’s 42,000-strong student population. With more than 8,000 international students and over 120 international partnerships, the University of Auckland offers a truly global experience for its students. The University of Auckland operate five main campuses, the largest of which is nestled within Auckland’s bustling cultural and economic city centre.

    According to QS World University Rankings by Subject 2018, Auckland University came number one among the top 50 universities worldwide for 18 of their subjects on offer. To be specific, the university’s three courses – Archaeology, Education and Anatomy attained the world ranks of 10, 17 and 18, respectively. According to recent evaluation obtained in 2012, it was discovered that the University of Auckland had 35% of the top level researchers in New Zealand.

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    In addition, the university accrued more than $230 million in annual research revenue. According to evaluation, it got 33% of the funding based on % of research degree completions. It equally got about 36% of the funding based on external research income.

    On top of that, the university got 31% of its overall funding upon confirming its position of being the nation’s number 1 research institution. Auckland University also has one of the most fantastic alumni networks in the world. Some of the successful alumni of the university include Beijing-based filmmaker Han Niu, who did MA Screen Production from Auckland University in 2014 and is currently working towards creating a feature film project titled The Manifesto.

    Another popular alumnus is perfume brand manager Clorinda di Tommaso, who obtained BA degree in Auckland in 2002, followed by a translation diploma and a Masters in Italian Cinema respectively. 



    Founded 1883

    Headquarters: Auckland

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    A $1,000 Direct Enroll Scholarship

    Go Overseas is partnering with the University of Auckland to offer $1,000 study abroad scholarships to students who apply to enroll directly with the U of A. Eligible applicants include US students who are first time applicants to the University.

    Study options

    The University of Auckland offers a wide range of study options with more than 120 different undergraduate subjects across its eight faculties:

    • Business
    • Science
    • Creative Arts and Industries
    • Arts
    • Education and Social Work
    • Engineering
    • Law
    • Medical and Health Sciences

    Accommodation costs 

    There are many options for renting during a period of study in New Zealand. You could choose to stay in student residence halls (average of $200 or £105 per week), a private flat ($180/£94 per week) or a shared flat ($120/£63 per week).

    For instance, to live in Auckland (which is the most expensive of the university cities), students should budget around $8,080 (£4,241) on rent yearly (based on a 40-week contract) which would amount to $24,240 (£12,725) spanning the entire three-year bachelor’s degree.

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    Tuition fees

    An international student can expect to pay on average NZ$20,000 (£10,499) for Social Sciences and Arts undergraduate degree, $25,000 (£13,124) for Engineering and Science,  and finally $75,000 (£39,372) for Medicine and Dentistry degrees.

    At the University of Auckland, for instance, a typical international undergraduate student pays N$27,592 (£14,485) for majority of BA courses and up to N$72,896 (£38,267) for medicine degrees beyond the first year. For postgraduate degrees at the University of Auckland, you’re expected to pay between N$32,392 (£17,004) and N$46,787 (£24,561) per year.

    This means that an international student studying at the University of Auckland would spend N$82,776 (£43,454) over the course of a three-year bachelor’s degree.

    For local students, an undergraduate degree comes in at between N$10,000 and N$25,000 per year (£5,249-13,124), with a postgraduate degree costing between N$10,000 and N$30,000 (£5,249-15,748).

    Documents to Support your Application

    You will be expected to provide documents to support your application. Find below some of the documents. Once you’ve submitted your Application for Admission, you will receive an email requesting documents required by the school.

    -Your Birth Certificate, or

    -Relevant pages of your passport, or

    -Citizenship Certificate.

    • Your academic transcript
    • Plus your official programme completion certificate
    • Applicant’s mark sheets
    • And relevant course outlines (3)

    The institution now accepts certified digital transcripts from My eQuals and CHESSIC. For additional information please visit Sharing certified digital documents.

    Suppose your documents are in a language other than English, do well to provide the original language version and the English translation. If you are,

    • in New Zealand, translations should  be prepared and certified by a licensed translation service in New Zealand. For additional information read, Who can translate my transcripts to English in New Zealand? 
    • outside New Zealand, your documents should be translated by the organisation or institution that issued the original document or a licensed alternative.

    Assuming you are waiting for your final results, you can still put together an application and the school will process it as far as possible. Once your final results are made available, do well to upload your official academic transcripts from your Application for Admission.

    (2)On the other hand If you completed NCEA, CIE and IB study in New Zealand, you do not have to send copies of your results – the school can access these directly. Do ensure you have entered your study information and granted the University of Auckland permission inorder to access your results in your Application for Admission.

    (3)Please note that your course outlines may be asked for if you apply to transfer credit. You will be alerted if more documents are asked for, for example the degree/diploma structure and grading system.

    (4) International applicants or domestic applicants who did not study in English will be expected to meet English language requirements

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