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Top 5 Best Paying Careers with a Bachelor’s Degree

    Prior to spending your time and financial resources to acquire a Bachelor’s degree and pursue a career, it’s best to take a look at potential salaries. While there are many high paying jobs out there, a lot of them require a minimum of a Master’s degree for entry. This list below ranks the top 50 highest-paying careers that only require a Bachelor’s degree. While some may require work experience, specific licensing, and on-the-job training, the minimum entry requirement for pursuing these careers is a Bachelor’s degree.

    The following profiles are ranked based on their recent median annual salary, sourced from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and include a description of the career, different job titles in the career field, recommended degrees for pursuing the career, and some notable personal characteristics of professionals in the field.

     Chief Executives

    Chief executives occupy the top hierarchy in corporations, agencies, and other settings normally in charge of administrative roles. Their duties include planning and directing business activities, creating and executing business strategies, and ensuring successful operations.

    Median Annual Salary is $181,210

    Prospective Job Titles: Chief Executive Officer; Chief Operating Officer; Governor; Government Service Executive; Mayor.

    Recommended Degrees: Bachelor in Business Administration; Bachelor in Management; Bachelor in Public Administration

    Personal Characteristics: Chief executives must possess strong leadership , communication and management skills, as well as time management and an aptitude for problem solving.

    Computer and Information Systems Managers

    Computer and information systems managers oversee the technological needs of corporations through planning and coordinating computer and technological activities. They determine an organization’s technological goals and implementing strategies toward meeting those goals, as well as managing information technology projects and teams.

    Median Annual Salary is $135,800

    Prospective Job Titles: Chief Technology Officer, Computer Operations Manager; Chief Technology Officer; Data Operations Director, Information Systems Manager

    Recommended Degrees to pursue: Bachelor in Computer Science;  Bachelor in Information Systems; Bachelor in Information Technology; Bachelor in Management Information Systems.

    Personal Characteristics: Computer and information systems managers must possess leadership, communication and business skills, as well as an aptitude for analysis and decision-making, organization.

    Architectural and Engineering Managers

    Architectural and engineering managers combine leadership and management with expertise in architecture and engineering fields. Individuals in this profession undertake planning projects and directing teams to deliver the projects.

    Median Annual Salary is $134,730

    Recommended Degrees to pursue: Bachelor in Architecture; Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering; Bachelor in Engineering Management; Bachelor in Electrical Engineering 

    Prospective Job Titles: Engineering Design Manager; Electrical Engineering Director; Engineering Manager; Process Engineering Manager; Mechanical Engineering Director

    Personal Characteristics: Architectural and engineering managers ought to be detail oriented and analytical, with strong skills in the areas of organization, math, and communication.

    Natural Sciences Managers

    Natural sciences managers lead teams of scientists in various disciplines, directing research and publication activities, and more.

    Median Annual Salary is $119,850

    Prospective Job Titles: Geochemical Manager; Agricultural Research Director; Geophysical Manager; Ocean Program Administrator.

    Recommended Degrees to pursue: Bachelor in Geology; Bachelor in Agricultural Sciences; Bachelor in Oceanography; Bachelor in Chemistry; Bachelor in Biology; other Bachelor degree relevant to the specific field of practice.

    Personal Characteristics: Natural Sciences Managers must possess strong skills in critical thinking and problem solving, time management, and leadership.

    Sales Managers

    Sales managers direct the sales activities of companies. Their duties include overseeing sales teams and departments, setting goals and analyzing past performance, training sales representatives, and reporting on sales performance of the organization.

    Median Annual Salary is $117,960

    Prospective Job Titles: Sales Account Manager; Sales Director; District Sales Manager; Territory Sales Manager; Export Manager.

    Recommended Degrees to pursue: Bachelor in Sales Management; Bachelor in Business Administration; Bachelor in Management; Bachelor in Organizational Leadership.

    Personal Characteristics: Sales managers ought to have strong communication and leadership skills, customer service, and analytical skills.

    Compensation and Benefits Managers

    Compensation and benefits managers are responsible for compensation programs in organizations to make sure employees’ salaries and bonuses are paid on time, including full employee benefits. Individuals in this field often plan and execute compensation programs, manage and support staff as well as teams, and negotiate with external benefits vendors.

    Median Annual Salary is $116,240

    Prospective Job Titles: Compensation Director; Employee Benefits Manager; Employee Benefits Coordinator; Wage and Salary Administrator.

    Recommended Degrees to pursue: Bachelor in Human Resources Management; Bachelor in Management; Bachelor in Business Administration; Bachelor in Financial Accounting; Bachelor in Finance.

    Personal Characteristics: Individuals in this field should be strong communicators and have an aptitude for leadership and business, as well as strong analytical and decision-making skills.

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