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Study on Cheapest Tuition in Monaco: Application Process and Cost of Living






    We will use this article to discuss some of the low tuition universities in Monaco, the average cost of living, admission requirements and the cost of visa. Monaco is sits on the beautiful Mediterranean coast of France with a population of 40,000 people people. Monaco although a small country is popular for its tourism, hospitality, and not forgetting the popular Formula One racing event.

    Sad to say, many people just do not know how to categorize Monaco.Similar to San Marino, which is an independent state inside Italy, Monaco is equally an independent city-state closely associated with France.

    We would encourage international students to definitely choose Monaco and experience what’s on the other side of the world. For example, the most popular university here is renowned the world over for its business courses related to all things sports, tourism and Management programs. This MBA is a top rated postgraduate degree across the globe.

    Continent: Europe

    Population Count: 38,499 (2016) World Bank

    Currency Used: Euro

    Why You Should Study in Monaco?

    Besides the opportunity to learn first hand how a first class tourist industry is established and effectively run, international students who arrive to study in Monaco would have the option of taking up marine life courses.

    The tertiary educational standard makes it possible for both local and international students to learn the history of an amazing and dignified country, blessed with abundant natural and cultural resources.

    What is the Cost of living in Monaco? 

    So if you didn’t know, Monaco is sometimes referred to as the ‘Playground of the rich.’ This can be seen in the very high cost of living. For example, rent for apartments is roughly 85% higher than in Paris.

    And when compared to London in the UK, the cost of rent is 76% higher in Monaco. And do not forget that London is one of the most expensive cities to live in. That places Monaco in a different class per the cost of living.

    In addition to the cost of living is the high standard of living. So students who are rich enough to afford to rent a room in Monaco, would definitely enjoy a quality of life fit for elites.

    Interestingly, students can commute from outside Monaco to school. For example, the community of Beausoleil is roughly 5 minutes drive from Monaco.

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    Tuition fees

    Per the high cost of living, tuition fees in Monaco tertiary institutions are quite high when compared with other European nations.

    Tuition fees in Monaco vary based on the university, program and whether or not the student is an international student. Averagely, tuition fees start around $8000 per academic session.

    The International University of Monaco will charge on average about €10, 500 per session for undergraduate programs.

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    You would require a visa to studyvisa to study in Monaco. Please note that there is a difference between visa requirements for living in Monaco and living in France.

    Monaco student visa

    In order to get a student visa to live and study in Monaco, you are expected to go to the online visa application portal. Follow the steps shown below:

    • English speakers are expected to click on the British flag for an English version
    • Then go to ‘Visit France’
    • Next, select ‘where do I apply’
    • Select your country and the nearest French embassy to your location
    • Click ‘Visa section’
    • Then select ‘Visa for Monaco’ and ‘Long stay student’
    • Then print out the application form and fill it
    • Documents required for Visa
    • Proof of sufficient funds to live in Monaco
    • Your police record of the last two years
    • Proof you have a place to stay in Monaco
    • Valid passport
    • Birth certificate and marriage certificate (if applicable)
    • Admission letter from the University.
    • Medical insurance
    • 4 passport sized photographs
    • Submission of completed form

    Once you’ve completed filling the form, put it together in a file with all the required papers and documents and submit it to the French embassy closest to you.

    Residency Visa

    All international students are e encouraged to apply for a residency visa when they arrive in Monaco. The residency visa can be gotten from the Police Center in Monaco.

    At the Police Center, do well to request for an official file and a date to meet with the visa inspector who would take you through the process of obtaining your residency visa.

    the documents shown below are required inorder to get a residency visit:

    • All the documents required for a student study visa (above)
    • Your Monaco visa
    • Student card
    • Passport photographs

    Students living in France

    If you wish to live in France while studying in Monaco, you have to get a long-term visitor visa known as VLS-TS. It is valid for one year.

    Universities/Tertiary institutions in Monaco

    1.The International University of Monaco is a popular institution in Monaco. The University does undergraduate and graduate courses in business and business administration.

    The university is renowned the world over for its excellent low tuition/ affordable MBA program.

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