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Study on Cheapest Tuition in Luxembourg($800-$5000 per year)




    Luxembourg is a small landlocked country in western Europe, and a European political powerhouse. The capital is one of the three official capitals of the European Union, and equally the seat of the European Court of Justice.

    Note that international students who choose to study on low tuition in Luxembourg will have an amazing tertiary education experience in one of the smallest but nicest sovereign states in Europe.

    Why Study in Luxembourg?

    Luxembourg has a modern society,that is both multilingual and multicultural. Because of its long and interesting history, it has a mix of Dutch, German and French cultures  nicely combined. The invasion of Luxembourg during World War II made the country a founding member of the European Union, and it continues to be an active member of the EU, as well as the United Nations and NATO, plus other organisations. Luxembourg’s beautiful culture, people and languages are well connected to its neighbouring countries.

    More Info about Luxembourg

    Luxembourg is home to just over 602,000 people. It is interesting to note that only just more than half of its population is made up of Luxembourgers, thus making the country very accepting and appreciative of international students and tourists. And of course It is presided over by the world’s only remaining grand duchy, Grand Duke Henri.

    What is now known as Luxembourg dates back to the Congress of Vienna in 1815, when it gained independence. Ever since, the country has been under the rule of different states, including Germany during WWII.

    Luxembourg has attained maximum heights as a developed country with an advanced economy and one of the world’s highest GDP per capita. The country is equally renowned for being one of the safest countries across the world, making it a fantastic destination for any international student.

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    Cost of Studying and Living in Luxembourg

    Luxembourg uses the Euro (€) as its currency.

    The fees you are required to pay will depend largely on what type of program you choose to study and the level. On Average, you should expect to pay between €400 and €800 per year. For business and science-related programs, tuition fees are slightly more expensive, roughly €4,000-€5,000 per year. If you make up your mind to study medical courses,  expect to pay tuition fees of around €17,000 per year.

    Most universities offer halls of residence, which is much cheaper and affordable. If you choose to live in halls of residence, budget between €350 and €500 per month. Students who travel to study in Luxembourg are expected to budget for a health insurance. If you are an EHIC card holder, you will be able to access the same healthcare as Luxembourg citizens at the same price. You do not need to purchase any additional health insurance cover. If you are not an EHIC card holder, you will need health insurance for the duration of your studies. This means that you will need to purchase a health insurance policy if you do not already have one. If you do have health insurance already, you need to ensure that it is valid in Luxembourg. Your institution will be able to provide assistance with this.


    Based on where you are from, you may need a visa to study in Luxembourg. If you hail from an EU/EEA country, you will not require to obtain a visa. If you are from any other country, you will need to obtain a visa to study in Luxembourg. If you require guidance about this process and more information on the requirements, please connect with your institution.


    Luxembourg has three official languages. The languages are French, German and Luxembourgish. Luxembourgish is the lingua franca of almost all Luxembourg residents, with official business carried out in French, and the first teaching language in schools being German.

    University education in Luxembourg is usually delivered bilingually. What this means is that your program will likely be offered in one of the following combinations: French/English, French/German or English/German. Regardless of what language you choose to study in, you will be required to provide evidence of your proficiency. If you do not meet the required teaching standards, you can take on a language training course.

    Studying in Luxembourg is an amazing opportunity to learn new languages, and potentially complete your degree with an advanced knowledge of three different languages. Talking to locals and other students in all three languages is a good way to practice. Having one extra language looks great on your CV/resume, so imagine how more than one would look!


    Luxembourg City

    The capital and most populous city of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City houses just over 116,000 people.As early as the Middle Ages, the city had been established around Luxembourg Castle, which was built by the Franks. The old quarters and fortifications of Luxembourg City are reserved as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

    Based in the city is the popular University of Luxembourg, which is a highly coveted and multilingual international research university founded sometime in 2003. You’ll find programs  in French, English and German, as well as a mixture of all three. This university is a research oriented institution, and focuses on the fields of law, finance and sciences. We would really encourage you to explore the possibilities of studying on low tuition in Luxembourg.

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