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Study Medicine in Switzerland: List of top Medical Universities,Tuition Fees, and Cost of Living

    switzerlandStudying Medicine in Switzerland is sort of tricky! International students are not allowed to apply for medical programs, dentistry, veterinary and chiropractic in Switzerland,  however, there are a few exceptions such as the ones shown below:

    refugees  recognized by Switzerland
    Current  Citizens of Liechtenstein

    Foreign citizens who have been residing in Switzerland for a period of 5 or more years

    Tuition Fees
    if you are an international student holding a foreign certificate, you’ll be required to pay a significant amount of tuition  for your medical degree program. Generally, you pay tuition and  registration fees at public universities and colleges in Switzerland.  International students should budget  registration fees of EUR 50 – 80. and tuition fees of EUR 750 to EUR 3000 per semester depending on the institution.

    Cost of Living
    The cost of living in Switzerland is actually high. In a recent survey, Zurich was named the world’s most expensive city.

    McDonald’s meal: £8
    Meal in an inexpensive restaurant: £13
    Pint of domestic beer: £4
    One litre of milk: £1
    Loaf of bread: £1.85
    Local bus trip: £1.30
    Internet access per hour: £3+
    Movie ticket: £12


    List of Medical Universities
    University of Basel, Faculty of Medicine
    * University of Berne, Faculty of Medicine
    * University of Geneva, Faculty of Medicine
    * University of Lausanne, Faculty of Medicine
    * University of Zürich, Faculty of Medicine

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