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Study In University Of East London: Cost Of Study and Admission Requirements

    The university of East London is one of the best universities in United Kingdom. If you are looking for a good university to pursue your studies in the UK, then think of University of East London. Their tuition fees is equally low and affordable for international students. Read on to get all the details about this prestigious university in the UK.

    University of East London (UEL) is one of the London’s most sought-after and rapid-growing universities, with over 28,000 tutors from over 120 countries all-inclusive.

    The university has two different campuses in East London: one in Stratford near the 2012 Olympic Park, and the second is situated in the Docklands, abode to the O2 arena. With an amazing waterfront scenery, the campus at Docklands is just a 25 minutes ride from London’s West End.

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    The University of East London is ranked 600th position in the world according to the latest world university ranking by TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION. The institution also occupies the number 165 position in the UK’s classification of universities. Over the years, the university has witnessed tremendous success in academia. Little wonder, it boasts of some famous alumni with the likes of British politicians Hilary Armstrong and RupaHuq, music artists Jake and Dinos Chapman, former CEO of Ford Motor Company Alexander Trotman and Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor among many others.

    The university runs seven solid department courses including Architecture, Sport and Bioscience, Psychology, Arts and Digital Industries, Computing and Engineering, Cass School of Education and Communities, Health, Social Sciences, Royal Docks School of Business and Law and a post-graduate school. The university prides herself on her Psychology, Education and Communities, and Business program as well as the ever prosperous Law school.


    The university accepts any country qualifications at an application level and also take any relevant work experience into consideration especially for postgraduate studies when applying. The standard application also includes applicant’s personal statement.

    Undergraduate requirements:

    When applying for undergraduate programs in the university, it is important for applicants to note the necessary qualifications to increase chances for admission.

     Candidates must have International qualifications the same to the standard UK undergraduate requirements.

     Candidates qualification must be equivalent to 12 / 13 years of education at a High School / Secondary School.

     Some courses might require candidates to have subject specific subjects’ combination or submit a portfolio and in some cases attend interview/test

     Applicants must have a qualification from a recognized institution or awarding body.

     Candidates with different qualifications or have difficulty in understanding the basic requirements can visit the university student’s administrative office or inquire by sending a mail to the department (in case of foreign students)

    Postgraduate requirements

    The university has similar requirement for both undergraduate and post-graduate programs except that candidates going for masters or doctorate degree must have International qualifications similar

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    International Students

    Currently, the university has over 4,000 foreign students as the school is a popular institution for international students.

    The International Office designated for foreign students offers a programme to comfy new foreign students to London. This includes service of picking up the students from the airport and organizing a variety of social events. That way, they provide the student the opportunity to meet other international students.

    Renowned for taking maximum responsibility for international students with her excellent support services (the university also goes out of its way to provide students with a Samsung tablet mobile phone upon their admission), the university was ranked number one in the UK for its visa advice and language support.

    Studying and Working

    The University Help and Support service are provided to all students looking for full-time and part-time work, graduate prospects and summer placements, with the school running a paid interior internship program.

    The university is in partnership with a recruitment agency based within the school, which is devoted to assisting students to find momentary jobs.


    The tuition fees for new UK/European Union students from 2017 are typical with its Full-time program expected to cost approximately £9,250 per academic year.

    However, it is also important to know the varied difference between undergraduate and postgraduates program as well as for native and international students.


    (Currency = Pounds)


    (Currency = Pounds)

    Undergraduate Postgraduate Undergraduate Postgraduate
    All Faculties Full-time £9,250/year

    Part-time £2,310/30 segment

    Placement year£1,030/ year

    Full time: £11,440/year

    Part-time £15,440/year

    Classroom £11,440 £12,480 £14,670 £16,500
    Mixed £11,440 £12,480 £14,480 £13,480
    Laboratory £11,440 £12,480 £13,480 £16,240
    Clinical £12,480 £12,480 £12,480 £12,480

    In addition, the university regulatory board has an estimated number of years it expects students to spend for both the undergraduate and postgraduate course and as such drawn an approximate plan for both programs.

    Undergraduate courses (avg. length:3 years) £11,440

    Postgraduate courses (avg. length: 1 year) £12,480

    PhD (avg. length: 1 year) £15,450

    Admission Periods

    Although the university has a student-friendly interface, however, it is has33 a tendency to be very principled when dealing with student’s it has deadline dates to;

    – Submit an application

    – Receive all qualifications from applicant

    – Send unconditional offer letter requesting payment

    – Receive payment receipt, SRF and forward for PRE-CAS checks

    – Process and complete PRE-CAS credibility and maintenance checks

    – Issue CAS

    – Enroll and commence studies

    Inability to meet with the school given deadline would mean a decline in such student admission.

    Cost of living in London

    Lunchtime menu 82 Pound
    Eating in a restaurant 49 Pound
    1 kilogram of potatoes 11 Pound
    0.5 l beer in the supermarket 15 Pound
    A bottle of a random red table wine with good quality 82 Pound
    Bread for 3 people for a day 11 Pound
    Monthly rent for 82m2 furnished apartment in costly area 8,644 Pound
    Monthly rent for 85 m2 furnished apartment in typical area 6,100 Pound
    Utilities per month (heating, electricity, gas ) 585Pound
    Monthly rent for a 45 m2 in a costly area 5,385 Pound
    Monthly rent for a 45 m2 in a typical area 3,829 Pound
    Internet 8 KBS monthly 300 Pound
    Laundry 64 Pound
    1 liter of gas 8 Pound
    Monthly ticket public transport 437 Pound
    Taxi trip on a working day, basic fare 190 Pound

    UEL is among UK’s leading colleges that employers always target. Over 80% the institution’s students go on to work or further study six months on completing their various degree programs…

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