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    mauritiusMauritius will enthrall you; will enrich your soul, making you feel that you belong to the chosen beautiful few.  Your appearance at any social gathering is an opportunity to find a friendly and smiling face. Behind such smile is the assurance of a beautiful place to study. You may not have known that Mauritius is well known for its blue colored waters and a white sanded beach, which means students, can visit beaches every Fridays while also prepping for Chemistry 101.

    For higher education many students come every year to complete their studies. Every year, more than 4000 students across the world come to Mauritius for post graduate studies. Hence study in Mauritius is truly a rewarding experience.

    Overall the quality of multitude of colors and tastes and cultures in the island, is a sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Mauritius, a sweet pot where past and present are effortlessly amalgamated together, offers an essential beauty that will induce return to its beaches a lot of times.


    In Mauritius there are private as well as government universities. However, private universities are more expensive than public universities. The cost of study in these different universities differs from institution to institution. The tuition fee for private universities is put at US $4000, not including accommodation fee. International students have 4 accommodation options:
    1)    Rent an apartment (cost is around 1000 US $750).
    2)    Become a paying guest (cost is around US $ 600 pesos food inclusive).
    3)   Rent a room in student’s residence (cost is around US $300-$500 pesos).
    4)   Live in a hostel.

    Beyond accommodation cost, there’ll be travelling charges as well as food, entertainment, gym and incidental charges which will cost students about $400-$700 monthly (depending on your lifestyle).



    The Mauritian Government offers a lot of scholarships for international students hoping to study in Mauritius. The main reason behind this is to assist all students in earning a higher degree. These scholarships are offered to the most promising and academically talented students as well as those whose finances wouldn’t have allowed them to pursue this education. Scholarships are offered after a careful, thorough screening process and eventual interviews.

    University’s Undergraduate Scholarships

    Universities offer scholarships to needy undergraduate students on the basis of total family income, social security benefits and academic results.  It is however it is stated that students must be enrolled for full time courses and should not avail of any scholarship while applying for the same

    The African Leadership University Scholarship

    African Leadership University will unleash Africa’s potential by building 25 new residential universities, each serving 10,000 students, in 25 African cities.By combining advances in education technology with an understanding of how young adults’ best develop real-world skills, ALU plans to offer a transformative, world-class tertiary education for thousands of students across Africa.  The focus will be on building students’ confidence through the mastery of key skills they’ll need in the workplace – a confidence that comes only through the repeated, hard-won experience of learning by doing.  The goal is for ALU graduates to have the competence and confidence to shape the future of the continent, do meaningful work, create thousands of jobs, and sustain the growth of the continent. Apply here:



    University of Mauritius and University of Technology.

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