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Study in Switzerland: Cheapest Universities in Switzerland 2019-2020

    Cheapest Universities in Switzerland 2019

    Studying in Switzerland can be very exciting when compared to other countries in Europe. The Swiss government and other bodies help make available low tuition Universities in Switzerland. These cheapest Universities in Switzerland offers all courses in several fields of study. So, for international students who wish to study in Switzerland, should take note of the cheap or low tuition universities in Switzerland. Most foreign students currently rush to Switzerland because it has become a top destination for students due to their high-class education.  Switzerland is currently seen as a confederation with a population of over 8 million.

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    The Universities offer several academic programs in the undergraduate and graduate degree levels.

    List of the cheapest Universities in Switzerland

    • The American Graduate School of Business
    • Franklin University Switzerland
    • European Graduate School
    • SBS Swiss Business School
    • Geneva Business School
    • University of St Gallen (HSG)
    • IHTTI School of Hotel Management
    • University of Business and International Studies (UBIS)
    • Cesarittz Colleges
    • Ecole Polytechnique Federal De Lausanne
    • ETH Zurich
    • University of Bern
    • University of Italian Switzerland
    • Webster University Geneva
    • University of Art and Design
    • Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences
    • Sustainability Management School
    • University of Lucerne
    • State Tourism and Hotel Management School
    • United International Business School

    The American Graduate School of Business

    This is one of Switzerland’s new generation Universities that is known to offer more than academics to students. It has programs that equips students to grow in a working environment. The University also admits undergraduate and graduate students. It has a 60-70 percent acceptance, with a tuition fee of CHF 300 – 60,000.

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    SBS Swiss Business School

    This cheap school in Switzerland offers several Business and management courses to national and international students. The tuition fees is CHF 2300 – 9500 and the acceptance rate of this school is fair.

    Geneva Business School

    The Geneva Business School is a Business and finance institute established in 1995. This School offers a limited number of programs to graduate students. Scholarship opportunities are also available to help students complete their studies at the school. The acceptance rate is 60%, while the tuition falls within the range of CHF 5,700 – 20,000.

    University of St Gallen (HSG)

    One of the cheapest Universities in Switzerland is the University of St Gallen (HSG). The University is well-known for its outstanding academic curricular which places it top in the world university ranking. Applicants can pursue undergraduate or graduate degree programs at the University. The acceptance rate is 65% – 80%, while the tuition fees is Euro 12,000.

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    University of Business and International Studies (UBIS)

    UBIS is a first-class management school in Switzerland that offers admission to lots of international students. The University offers Business and management courses across academic levels. The university has a decent acceptance rate, with a tuition of CHF 40,000 or above.

    Cesarittz Colleges

    Cesarittz College is world standard institution with lots of national and international students enrolling into its program. Cesarittz College is also a low-tuition university in Switzerland with a good acceptance rate and a tuition of CHF 41,400 – and above.

    Ecole Polytechnique Federal De Lausanne

    This school is also among the cheap Universities in Switzerland that offers a series of technical programs to students applying into the field of Science and technology. The school’s acceptance rate is about 70%, with a tuition of CHF 50,000.

    University of Bern

    University of Bern is a public Institution that was established in 1834. The University offers several academic programs across undergraduate and graduate levels for national and international students. It has an acceptance rate of 60 – 80 percent, with a tuition of 30,000 and above.

    University of Italian Switzerland

    The University of Italian in Switzerland is also among the list of the cheapest Universities in Swiss that offers different programs to local and foreign students. The acceptance rate is good, and tuition depends on the program.

    Webster University Geneva

    The Webster University in Geneva was established in 1978, the University is a public institution which offers graduate and undergraduate programs to national and foreign students. The tuition is CHF 40,000 and has an acceptance rate of over 60%.

    Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences

    The Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences offers several Science programs across undergraduate and graduate courses, with an acceptance rate of over 70%.

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