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List of Low Tuition Universities in Singapore: Scholarships, top Universities, How to Obtain a Student Visa, Cost of Living and Studying

    Do you want to study in a country where there is global competitiveness and innovation? Then Singapore should be your top choice. Singapore is rapidly gaining recognition as a world leader in academic research and innovation.

    There are numerous scholarships available in Singapore for both domestic and international students. Below is a list of such scholarships;
    *Inlaks Fellowship Programme
    *SIA Youth Scholarship for Undergraduate Degree Courses
    *Nanyang Scholarship
    *Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships
    *David L. Boren Scholarship
    *Singapore Millennium Foundation Scholarship
    *Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarship

    Top Universities
    *National University of Singapore
    *Nanyang Technological University
    *Singapore Management University
    *Yale-NUS College

    How to Obtain a Student Visa
    International students who want to study  in Singapore will require a student visa. The good news is that the visa application process  is linked to your college application. All students admitted  to study at a university in Singapore would receive their visa with their letter of approval
    Successful applicants don’t have to apply for a visa directly since it’s always issued with their in-principle approval (IPA) letter which is given by the institution. This letter works like  visa and can be used at various entry checkpoints.
    There is yet another document required for studying in Singapore namely: a Student Pass. You need to apply for it no earlier than two months before your course begins, yet no later than one month before your course commences.

    Cost of Studying
    The cost of studying in  Singapore is very low as compared to other  popular study abroad destinations like UK, USA, Canada and Australia.  Be reminded that the cost of studying  in Singapore varies  greatly according to the University, course of study and duration of the study. You should expect to  pay around  $10000 for a 4 year Bachelor Degree program.

    Cost of Living
    The standard of living in Singapore  is very high, so you expect to pay some high amounts for your living expenses. Generaly,living expenses should be around S$ 700 to S$ 2000.



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