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Study in Malta; tuition fees and cost of living for international students

    Right in the centre of the Mediterranean lies the beautiful islands of Malta, altogether the islands are inhabited by over 400.000 people. As English is an official language of Malta along with Maltese this may be just the perfect place for a complete study abroad experience. The Maltese educational system is very similar to the British one, primary education of 6 years, and secondary education of 5 years.  These two years are carried out in sixth form college/junior College or another post-secondary education before applying for a university.
    Malta has a long-standing reputation for academic excellence and its degrees are widely recognized. Most of the Maltese faculties have received their doctorates from Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh and other prestigious universities worldwide. Areas of academic prospects and study in Malta include  mediterranean, Arabic, Near Eastern and European streams of  studies, and also streams like  diplomacy, archaeology, history, and economics, marine and environmental studies. Comprehensive range of traditional and innovative courses are offered in universities in the country. The central mediterranean location gives easy access to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.  Moreover there are several other specialization courses available in Malta for students looking to pursue a PHD.

    Tuition fees/cost of living 


    In Malta there are two types of universities, private as well as government. Though the government universities have negligible fee, the fees of private universities areexpensive.The cost of tution fees varies from university to university  and depends upon its location.Private Universities have an expense of around  EU 9000 for international students. After which the student has to decide about accommodation. For which students have 4 options
    1)To rent an apartment (will cost around US $750).
    2)To become a paying guest (will cost around US $500 with food included).
    3)To rent a room in student’s residence (will cost around US $300).
    4) Or to live in a hostel.

    Apart from that there are daily travelling charges as well as food, entertainment, gym and many more charges which will cost students about $150-$300 monthly (depending upon the ability of spending of an individual).

    Experience shows that cost of study in Malta is living in the country would be anywhere between Euros 300 to Euros 600 per month. This would cover the daily expenses, tution fees and various other expenses.

    It would also be advisable that candidates insure themselves with health insurance cover that would cover health expenses of the student.


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