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Study in Greece: Low Tuition Universities, How to Apply, Cost of living and Deadlines

    greeceIf you intend to study in Greece, you’ll definitely enjoy engaging with its impressive cultural and historical heritage. Mind you, Greece is considered  the cradle of modern civilization, birthplace of democracy,and the modern pot of literature and politics.
    How to Apply
    If you intend to enroll in full time undergraduate studies  at a  university in Greece, you will be required to submit your undergraduate application through the Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs. The documents you will be required to submit are as follows:
    *Two passport-sized photos
    *The original school leaving certificate
    *A certificate to show not only your citizenship and origin
    If you want, visit the Hellenic Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs to upload your academic documents.
    Cost of Living
    The amount of money a student will be required to spend while studying in Greece will  vary and would to a great extent depend on his/her life style. Roughly, an international student should expect to spend an average approximately 1,000 Euros per month for accommodation and living expense .

    If you are applying for undergraduate studies in a Greek University for the very first time, you would be required to submit your application and supporting documents by the end of July or the beginning of August of the very year you will be starting your studies.

    *Agricultural University of Athens
    *ALBA Graduate Business School
    *Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki
    *American farm school
    *Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
    *Athens School of Fine Arts
    *Athens University of Economics and Business
    *CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield
    *College Athens BCA

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