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Study In Georgia: Tuition Fees and Living Cost

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    Are you considering university studies abroad; Lots and lots of universities in different countries provide different benefits to international students but i like to present you with a country with great benefits for international students that wish to gain admissions for study into top class universities at very affordable cost, look no further than Georgia.

    Georgia attracts a large amount of international students from all around the world. Many universities in Georgia are world class and offers world class education with certificates recognized around the world.

    A host of benefits awaits you if you make Georgia your education target.


    Tuition fees in Georgia are very low and students can enjoy very quality lifestyle the same time, lying between Asia and Europe offers great chance to enjoy the culture of two different continents because Georgia is in between Holland and Turkey.

    The tuition fees in Georgian Universities are different from one university to the next.

    It should be noted that tuition ranges between $2,000 and $3,000 for undergraduate programs and for post graduate programs students should budget between $4,000 – $4,600 per academic year.

    Opportunities to apply for scholarships despite the cheap tuition rates are also available.


    Although students get to pay cheap tuition if they attend universities in Georgia, students must ensure they have financial budget for textbooks and supplies. It is noteworthy that students should have budget for a health insurance plan alongside a budget for supplies as this will come in handy during your period of studies in Georgia.


    The next pre-requisites to plan for after tuition are accommodation and feeding, if you choose to study in a Georgian university,on the average ensure to make provision for accommodation ,food,travel and utilities.

    Food quality is of high standard in Georgia just as it is in Europe or anywhere else you have no problem in understanding that you have access to very good food that is of high quality and cheap.

    A budget of $300 per month will do just fine if you’re moderate,but if you’re the outgoing type and would like to experience much of the country during your studies ensure to budget around $450 per month for your accommodation and feeding.

    Note utility, feeding and accommodation budgets are subject to lifestyle of students.

    Other benefits include:

    – No TOEFL or IELTS but student must be able to communicate in English Language.

    – More than 10,500 international students study in Georgian universities each year so you will get to meet with students from across the world and do just fine.

    – Quick admission decision – You do not have to wait for too long as admission decisions are taken within a brief period.

    – The cost of transportation around is very cheap and you can get to see the world outside your academic boundaries plus Georgia is very safe.

    So make Georgia your academic choice today and you will have an experience to share for a life time.

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