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Study in Europe: Tuition fees of Spanish and Hungarian universities

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    International students applying to study in Hungary don’t fall within the “state-funded” category of students, as such they will have to pay tuition and registration fees. The tuition fees vary largely depending on the program and institution you’ve chosen. However, In most cases the tuition fee for bachelor’s degrees is roughly EUR 1000 per academic year on average, while tuition fee for master’s degrees is about EUR 1500 per semester on average. Also note that registration fees could range from EUR 40 EUR to up to EUR 800 depending on the course you’ve chosen. Please be informed that registration fees may also vary within the same institution depending on the course you would like to enrol in.


    Tuition fees for first Bachelor’s degrees

    • EUR 9.50 – 16 per credit if it’s your first enrollment
    • EUR 12.50 – 21 per credit if it’s the second time you enroll in a course
    • EUR 18 – 33 per credit if you have to enroll three or more times in a course

    You should consider that a bachelor’s program is worth 180 credits in total, 60 credits per year. A master of science program is worth 240 credits, also 60 credits per year.

    Tuition fees for Master’s programs

    • EUR 21 – 30 per credit

    A master’s program is usually worth 60 – 120 credits.

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