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Study in Europe: List of tuition free universities and how to apply

    frrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr University of Stuggart, Germany

    For an undergraduate program, please use the online-application system C@MPUS.
    Online Application with C@MPUS
    Here you may also find overview information on the application process
    • Upload the following documents:
    o A signed application form
    o a legally signed or authentic photocopy or transcript of a secondary school-leaving certificate that can permit the student to study at a university in a local institution in their home country, showing individual list of grades.
    o A legally documented or photocopy of documentation or certificates of university entrance examinations abroad including a complete list of individual grades.
    o Legally attested photocopies or transcripts of all college and university grades (from all higher education
    establishments including academies etc.) attained by the applicant, including a list of individual grades.
    o proof of German language skills.
    *information on the required German language skills
    o possibly other documents you will be automatically asked for by C@MPUS
    o country specific documents:
    Indonesia: Confirmation of authenticity by the respective Provincial Office of the Education Ministry
    Iran: Copy of the Inter-University Higher Education Entrance Examination.
    Mongolia: Confirmation of authenticity of the documents by the German Embassy (APS):
    United Nations Street, 210613 Ulan Bator,
    People’s Republic of China: Copy of the certificate of the Academic Inspection Office
    (APS) at the German Embassy, 17 Peking Street, Dong Zhi Men Wai Da Jie, Chaoyang District, Beijing,
    Vietnam: Copy of the certificate of the Academic Inspection Office (APS) at the German Embassy
    Additionally for a Bachelor’s program or for state examination for teachers:
    • If the requested course is subject to a special admission procedure: the application form to participate in the
    special admission procedures, as well as the corresponding documentation.
    Additional materials for a Master’s program:
    • a legally signed documents of all written and passed exams including a cumulative grade point average.
    • if you’ve attained a first university degree (i.e. Bachelor) is already completed: a legally signed photocopy of your university degree should be sent in
    • Supplementary form: In addition to the application form, some study programs require supplementary forms.
    Criteria, supplementary forms and further information on the admission into Master’s programs] • Module guides or other papers on your bachelor’s program in order to document the requirements of the admission statute.


    University of Helsinki, Finland

    How to Apply
    All undergraduate admission applications to Helshinki University is done through the university admissions Finland’s my UAF service. This service is completely free, all you’ve to  do is to create an account with them and begin your  application.
    Be informed that all undergraduate applicants to this University would be  required to write a compulsory entrance examination on getting to the republic of Finland . Entrance examinations are the only avenue to getting an undergraduate programme at the university of Helsinki.  This policy applies to all applicants irrespective of nationality. Moreover, this entrance examination is a written test, subject related test with  several books to read. The minimum point requirement is deemed  by the admissions board of the department.

    When to Apply
    Application period for undergraduate studies is always between march and april. Note that the undergraduate studies application forms are only available in Finnish or Swedish languages.

    Admission period for postgraduate studies usually begins in November and closes on the 31st of january at 16.00 . However,  most degree programmes have varrying deadlines, so you have to check deadlines dire3ctly with the institution.

    University of Oslo, Norway

    How to apply

    Admission application for international students starts by 1st October and end 1st December. To ensure a hitch free application, do well to follow the following steps;

    • Register your application in UiO’s online application system, SøknadsWeb
    • Upload your supporting documents in SøknadsWeb.

    Please ensure that you enter your name as written in your passport. Use one email address to avoid creating multiple user IDs/applications. Make sure that you apply to the correct program type: Quota Scheme/Self-financing. Your application will not be considered if you fail to upload the required supporting documents. You will receive the answer to your application in April/May. When the admission results are ready you will be notified through your registered e-mail address. Click here to access University of Oslo official website for more information

    Admission application deadline

    International students should submit their application with all supporting documents by December 1



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