Study in Europe: List of Low tuition medical universities in Bulgaria

bulYou may not have known that medical universities in Bulgaria have low tuition fees for international students. The fee for studying medicine in Bulgaria is one of the lowest in Europe. That said, tuition fees for medical universities in Bulgaria vary from 5500 to 8000 Euro/year for long term medical programs such as, general medicine, dentistry and pharmacy) and 3100 4000 Euro/year for short term programs.
Medical tuition fees for English program

Course (option) Tuition fees /year ( Euro)
Medicine in English (6years) 5 500 to 8000
Pharmacy in English (5years) 6 000
Dentistry in English (6years) 6 000 to 8000
Nursing in English/Bulgarian (4 years) 3000
Midwifery in English/Bulgarian (4 years) 3000
English/Bulgarian language preparatory course. 3100 to 4500
Postgraduate Specialization courses in Bulgarian (3 to 5 years) 4800
Postgraduate Studies for Ph.D.Degree in Bulgarian 4800


The good thing about Bulgarian universities is that tuition fees for medical study in Bulgaria can be paid in 2 installments per year, usually at the beginning of each semester. Note that international students who need student visas, must have the first part of their tuition fee paid before submitting student visa application to the Bulgarian Diplomatic Representation.
The medical university tuition fee in Bulgaria seems to be one of the lowest in all European Economic Area. Combined to the reasonable cost of live and quality of education, it attracts international students to Bulgarian medical universities.
Especially for European medical students, to become a medical doctor, a Dentist or Bachelor in pharmacy or other medial specialist in Bulgaria is very accessible!
Living cost  in Bulgaria

Expenses Expenses/month (Euro)
Food 150 to 200
Student hostel 30 to 70
Private rental apartment 150 to 250
Room in a private apartment 70 to 100
Student’s travel card 6 to 1

The amount given above is the average and can slightly change for different towns
The minimum living cost in Bulgaria depend on the live style of every body.  At the amount given in the table above,   it must also calculate the annually tuition fee and the annually 250 Euro to renew resident permit in Bulgaria.

List of medical Universities

  • Medical university of Pleven
  • Medical university of Varna
  • Medical university Plovdiv
  • Medical university of Sofia