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Study in Europe: Hungary University application process

    hungaryIf you want to study in Europe in a low tuition university, why not consider studying in Hungary. For Hungarian universities, international students are able to submit their completed applications either electronically through the FELVI system or by mailing their documents directly to the higher education institution they are interested in.

    Generally, you will be required to do the following when applying to Hungarian institutions:

    • The filled-in application form, which is available for download at the institution or course website
    • Certificate and transcript from previous studies
    • For some courses, you might be required to present evidence of work experience and even recommendation letters
    • Your CV might be required as well.
    • If the language of instruction is English and you are not a native speaker, you will have to present evidence of your knowledge of command of English. Usually, internationally recognized certificates such as the TOEFL or IELTS tests are considered.

    If you have a good level of command of Hungarian, you might prefer to submit your application through the convenient FELVI system instead of submitting your application in paper form to your institution. Through FELVI, you can register your personal data, attach documents on previous studies, select the study program/s you would like to enroll in or even make any payments while the system indicates you of any errors in your application.

    For info on the cost of living in Hungary, application deadline and tuition fees: click here

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