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Study in Europe: How to apply for Italian and Spanish Student Visas


    Applying for study Visa

    To be fully enrolled in a H.Ed. Institution in Italy, it is mandatory for Student to obtain a study Visa which can be obtained by applying to any competent Italian diplostudent visamatic authority that will verify if you met with needed requirements before issuing the Visa.

    Points to note while applying for study Visa

    The following criteria must be met before the issuance of the Visa

    • Financially capable of travelling to your country after study
    • Have an entitlement to medical care
    • Have a place you live in Italy
    • Financially capable of sponsoring your self


    The following document shall be demanded for while applying for study Visa in Spain

    • A very recent passport photograph taken on a white background
    • A duly completed and signed National Visa Application form
    • A valid passport tenable for at least six months
    • For US citizens, a resident card or work visa demonstrating a permit to return to the United States shall be demanded. These document should be valid for at least three months
    • A document showing your current address such as Driver’s license or School I.D
    • A certificate of Admission written in Spanish addressed to the consulate clearly asserting your full enrollment in a Spanish University. Also the certificate must contain the following; Address of School, contact person in School, name of program study, length of study.
    • Details of course of study
    • A minimum of $50,000 in health insurance to offset all medical expenses
    • Must have demonstrated capacity to support yourself financially in the following forms
    1. Have received a scholarship or financial grant
    2. A bank statement reflecting sufficient fund needed for study in Spain
    3. Tender a letter assuming full financial responsibility during study in Spain
    4. Letter from parent including their ID and bank statement stating full financial responsibility during study
    • Must have secured an accommodation with the following proof
    1. Permanent resident Permit
    2. Letter form relevant bodies indicating your address
    • A health certificate clearly indicating that applicant is free of any illness that could adversely affect the public. Applicant must be free of the following diseases; severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), hemorrhagic fever (Ebola, Lassa, Marburg), West Nile Virus, and various illnesses such as (e.g.: Dengue Fever, Rift Valley Fever and meningococcal disease).
    • The health certificate must together with residence Visa for more than 180 days of stay must submitted in the following manner

    “This health certificate verifies that Mr. /Mrs. /Ms (…) does not suffer from any illnesses that could cause serious repercussions to public health according to the specifications of the international sanitary regulation of 2005.”

    Only certificates less than 3 months old shall be accepted

    • Applicant 18 years of age or more shall be required to tender a police clearance issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) stating good conduct.




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