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Study in Europe: Application requirements for Hungarian Universities

    hungaryUniversities in Hungary operate low tuition for international students seeking affordable and cheap universities in Hungary. Today, we will be taking you through the general application requirements and how to apply

    General requirements

    • Undergraduate Programs

    • All international students who  are in possession of an authentic school leaving certificate and qualify for university  studies in their home countries, should qualify for university education in  Hungary. However, note that you will be required to have sufficent knowledge of either Hungarian language or English. In some cases, you are also required to take additional qualifying courses, called in Hungary as “preparatory courses”.
    • Master’s Programs

    • You are only eligible for a master’s program at a university in Hungary, if you are in possession of a relevant bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma

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    • How to apply
    • Applications for undergraduate  and graduate studies  in Czech Republic should be sent directly to the higher education institution of your choice. The institution will then review your submitted documents, will check whether you are eligible for the study program or course you applied, will inform you on whether you have to pass an admission or aptitude test, and will issue a letter of acceptance in case you are finally admitted.


    In general, foreign students in the Czech Republic are requested to submit the documentation described below in order to evaluate their eligibility for higher education studies:

    • A filled-in application form   for the selected study program or course. This form can be usually downloaded from the university or college website or even filled-in electronically.
    • For some study programs related to arts or architecture, you might have to pass an aptitude test.

    For undergraduate studies: an attested copy of your upper secondary school certificate and a copy of the results from the university entrance examinations in your home country.

    For Master’s programs: an attested copy of your Bachelor’s degree certificate.


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