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Study Free in the University of Stuggart

    stuggFor an undergraduate program, please use the online-application system C@MPUS.
    Online Application with C@MPUS
    Here you may also find overview information on the application process
    • Upload the following documents:
    o A signed application form
    o a legally signed or authentic photocopy or transcript of a secondary school-leaving certificate that can permit the student to study at a university in a local institution in their home country, showing individual list of grades.
    o A legally documented or photocopy of documentation or certificates of university entrance examinations abroad including a complete list of individual grades.
    o Legally attested photocopies or transcripts of all college and university grades (from all higher education
    establishments including academies etc.) attained by the applicant, including a list of individual grades.
    o proof of German language skills.
     information on the required German language skills
    o possibly other documents you will be automatically asked for by C@MPUS
    o country specific documents:
     Indonesia: Confirmation of authenticity by the respective Provincial Office of the Education Ministry
     Iran: Copy of the Inter-University Higher Education Entrance Examination.
     Mongolia: Confirmation of authenticity of the documents by the German Embassy (APS):
    United Nations Street, 210613 Ulan Bator,
     People’s Republic of China: Copy of the certificate of the Academic Inspection Office
    (APS) at the German Embassy, 17 Peking Street, Dong Zhi Men Wai Da Jie, Chaoyang District, Beijing,
     Vietnam: Copy of the certificate of the Academic Inspection Office (APS) at the German Embassy
    Additionally for a Bachelor’s program or for state examination for teachers:
    • If the requested course is subject to a special admission procedure: the application form to participate in the
    special admission procedures, as well as the corresponding documentation.
    Additional materials for a Master’s program:
    • a legally signed documents of all written and passed exams including a cumulative grade point average.
    • if you’ve attained a first university degree (i.e. Bachelor) is already completed: a legally signed photocopy of your university degree should be sent in
    • Supplementary form: In addition to the application form, some study programs require supplementary forms.
    Criteria, supplementary forms and further information on the admission into Master’s programs] • Module guides or other papers on your bachelor’s program in order to document the requirements of the admission statute.

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