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Study free in Luxembourg: Application process, Cost of Living, Application Requirements, and Deadlines

    luxembourgLuxembourg has introduced an online university application process for its international students wishing to do an undergraduate,postgraduate or PhD program. For a start,;
    look up a degree program in any university that meets your preference. Log on to the online portal and fill out the application.
    Once you’ve created an online account, you’ll be notified of what academic documents to upload onto the portal. Scan and upload your secondary school certificate,Bachelor’s degree or Masters degree depending on the program you are applying for.
    You can send your application documents to this address;
    Student Services – Service des Etudes et de la Vie Etudiante
    Campus Limperstberg
    162a, Avenue de la Faïencerie
    L-1511 Luxembourg (EU)

    Tuition Fees

    International Students are exempted from paying tuition to universities in Luxembourg.However, you’ll be required to pay tuition for a couple of courses , with tuition fees dangling at EUR 600 every semester. However,  whether you are fee paying or not, you’ll be required to pay a small registration fee of EUR 100 per semester.
    Application Process
    You are eligible for an undergraduate or post graduate degrees in Luxembourg, if you are in possesion of a valid secondary school certificate or bachelor’s degree form your home country.The language of instruction at a university in Luxembourg would depend on your program, however, the most common languages of academic instruction are english,french, German and Luxembourgish. In a nutshell, you are expected to have a good language command in any of the listed languages.
    Cost of Living
    Based on experience and research, you’ll need   between €400 and € 650 a month to study in Luxembourg. This is needed to cover daily expenses and to pay the registration and tuition fees.
    Universities in Luxembourg
    Luxembourg currently runs only two public universities in the country. The two universities are;
    *Sacred Heart University Luxembourg
    *University of Luxembourg


    January to February for studies in the summer semester (from February to June)

    July to September for studies in the winter semester (from September to January)

    However, if you are interested in studying a master’s program for the first time in Luxembourg, you may apply throughout the year.

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