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Study abroad in Europe: How to study medicine free in Finland

    Finnish University is free for all international students. That means you can travel to Finland and study abroad in Europe without spending any money. Full degree academic programs in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dental Medicine or Pharmacy on undergraduate levels are only available in Finnish and Swedish languages only so you would be required to speak either of the two official languages fluently before applying admissions. Please bear in in mind that finnish universities do not offer any “language preparation year” programs; that said, you should be fluent in Finnish (or Swedish) already when applying.

    Also bear in mind that even with perfect Finnish/Swedish language skills; entry into undergraduate studies in these subjects is very competitive and selective.

    Finnish Programs may be done English

    Please note that on a Master’s degree level, some Medical Sciences programs may be available in English -If you find an interesting Medical Sciences programs in the database, then contact the university you are interested in for more info on admission requirements etc. Before applying to a Medical Sciences -related Master’s programme, you are also well advised to ask the university what particular professional qualification the Master’s programme provides you with.

    In case you wish to ask for detailed info about your options in Medicine/Dental Medicine on Master’s or PhD level (and also otherwise) you need to be in direct contact with the relevanvt university Faculties, see listing below.

    Faculties of Medicine

    University of Helsinki:
    University of Eastern Finland:
    University of Oulu:
    University of Tampere:
    University of Turku:

    Application Deadline

    The application period for those wishing to apply for medical or dental degree studies beginning in the autumn semester 2015: the application period starts on 17 March 2015 and ends on 9 April 2015 at 3.00 pm (GMT +3).

    The examinations are written and take a full day. The entrance examinations are demanding and it is difficult to gain high enough scores to get selected without a thorough knowledge of physics, chemistry, and biology. The questions are given only in Finnish or Swedish and the answers need to given with the same language as the questions.

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