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Student Visa Application Process for Norway, Canada and Australia



    Norwegian Universities and state colleges offer high standard, tuition free education due to the Governments effort in subsidizing education in Norway. The exception to this however are Private institutions which charges tuition fee for some study programs.

    How to apply for Visa

    Students desiring to stay more than 3 months in Norway will need to apply for a visa, which shall also permit them work for up to 20 hours each month. For non-European students, the following shall be required added to other relevant documents;

    Letter of admission, a passport photograph, and a copy of your passport. Applicants are then to submit these documents to Norwegian consulate office closest them, where they shall pay a processing charge of $180 (NOK 1110). Visa applications are to be made through the Soknad portal which opens 1st February and closes 1st March.


    Canada offers the flexibility of applying either online or through paper based application obtainable at Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. It should be noted that paper application takes longer time than online application, therefore applicants should be knowledgeable of application deadline. Online application will be made through debit/credit card for different payment. Students are advised to inquire from visa offices for the right document for submission.

    Steps to obtaining Canadian visa

    • Admission letter from a recognized institution should first be obtained before applying for visa. For students intending to study in Quebec, a certificate of acceptance gotten online or from your University should be tendered.
    • Second step is to obtain a Canadian student visa from CIC website, local visa office, or Canadian embassy at student’s country of residence. Students are encouraged to obtain temporary permit of residence if within their reach.
    • Students shall be given an online test to help ascertain their eligibility for the Visa.
    • If qualified for the Visa, a personal checklist code lasting only 60 days shall be sent to student. This checklist code is to be printed for future guidance and reference.
    • Next is to create a MyCIC account where you shall supply your checklist code. After completing this step, a personal document checklist shall be sent to you allowing you upload your document to CIC
    • Immediately uploading all documents and making necessary payments, proceed to submitting your completed application to CIC
    • Student should be ready should they be called upon for interview at local consulate if deemed necessary
    • The Canadian government requires that student supplies evidence to prove they can provide for themselves. Currently, US $9,400 is demanded, while US$10,350 for those intending to study in Quebec (this is excluding tuition fees)


    To apply for a visa to Australia, the under listed documents are needed.

    • A detailed and completed Australian student application form ( also called 157A)
    • Receipt showing evidence of payment
    • Passport bio data page copies
    • Proof of admission from a known institution in Australia
    • Proof of having sufficient finance to cover studying while in Australia
    • Valid health insurance
    • Satisfactory result taking in an English proficiency test
    • Result of criminal record check shall be demanded







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