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Stockholm College Overview: History, Admissions and Tuition

    Stockholm College was established in 1878 as a radical alternative to the traditional educational establishment. From then till date, the university is praised for championing the values of openness and accessibility with an active role in society. Stockholm College started without exams or diplomas, offering students an alternative to the traditional universities in Uppsala and Lund


    Stockholm University is ranked as one of the 100 prestigious universities in the world and Sweden’s largest institution for higher learning with top quality education and outstanding research in a wide variety of fields. Over 34 000 students are currently pursuing a variety of degrees here and they offer 75 master’s programmes taught in English within Science and Human science.

    Campus life

    Most teaching, learning and research activities at Stockholm University take place in the Frescati area which is just north of Stockholm city, and also stretches from the Bergius Botanic Garden in the north to Sveaplan in the south. It is located in the center of the world’s first national city park, and the area is characterised by modern art,  beautiful nature and interesting architecture

    Stockholm University is popularly called a “campus university in a park environment”, surrounded by the Lilla Värtan and inlets Brunnsviken. The area has a diverse population of both domestic and foreign, especially old oaks. Together with a rich herbal flora and fauna, this gives a sense of old parkland

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    Housing services

    • Although Stockholm has a vibrant cosmopolitan life, the city itself is built on islands and nearly wherever you go you are met by stunning waterfront views. The majority of Swedes populace speak English and are very receptive to international visitors. In general, the country offers a welcoming, open, multicultural and safe society. 
    • Around Stockholm there are several great places to explore, live and work. 

    Medical services

    Stockholm Student Health Services complements the public healthcare available to residents in Sweden. 


    Stockholm University is among one of the 200 highest-ranked universities worldwide and one of the top 50 universities in Europe according to several reputable university ranking tables.

    The different rankings employ different methods for measuring quality. QS Rankings, Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE) and the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) are regarded as the most influential university rankings in the world.

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    Facts about Stockholms universitet

    Global Ranking:122

    COuntry rankings: 3



    Bachelor (foreigners)    27,000 USD/year.

    Master (foreigners)    27,000 USD/year.

    Bachelor (citizens)    1,000 USD/year.

    Master (citizens):1,000 USD/year.

    Cost of living: $774-1,527 USD/Month.

    Official Website:

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