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Stafford shire University UK: Tuition Fees, Admission Requirements and Cost Of Living

    Staffordshire University is one of the most honored universities in United Kingdom. This university was founded in the year 1992. It offers a broad range of study programs at the undergraduate and postgraduates diplomas levels respectively. There are about 15,860 students in total in the university out of which about 13,600 are undergraduate students and postgraduates students make up the other 2,260. This estimation is of the average from yearly intake of both groups of students. The University of Staffordshire has two big campuses that’s located at stoke-on-trent Stafford and the other at Shrewsbury. Prof. Liz Barnes who is the present vice-chancellor of the university said the values of the university are to be ambitious, daring, friendly, intelligent and inspirational.

    Admission and application requirements

    Staffordshire University offers admission to both national and International students. The students in places like Kosovo have the opportunity to apply directly.

    Undergraduate application

    Applicants that are based in the United Kingdom could visit to start their application. They should have the High School Certificate (HSC) and the Test of English as Foreign Language certificate (TOEFL) certificates. International applicants should be efficient in the use of English language and have a certificate to show for it or otherwise go through the TOEFL examination and score a minimum of 550 in the written version,213 in the computer based version or 79 in the internet based version. In addition, they should also have a minimum of 6.0 in the IELTS. The students must also have a print out of the online application. They are also to undergo the Matura examinations.

    Postgraduate application

    Applicants that are resident in the United Kingdom are to possess a certificate showing the completion of a Bachelor’s degree and the print out of the online application.

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    International applicants are to provide the print out of the online application, a copy of CV, transcript of a good Bachelor’s degree and reference letters. They are also required to provide a certificate showing efficiency in the use of English language or either of the TOEFL or IELTS certificates. The examinations are to be taken at or any nearby center.

    Scholarship opportunities

    The Staffordshire University has announces a series of scholarship programmes both for all the students in the university. There is an instant $1000 scholarship for any student who gains admission on international basis. The students should come from a list of countries of which Nigeria is one of them to be eligible for the scholarship programme in question. The proves and medium certifying admissions would be the requirement for this scholarship to be awarded. The scholarship does not cover whoever is under the sponsorship of any body or organization. The students under sponsorship of bodies like SHELL,NNPC e.t.c are not going to benefit from these scholarship programs.

    The regular students are equally entitled to scholarships in view of performance in each semester of studies. The amount of scholarship is going to be decided by the student’s semester performance. Students who usually finish the semester on first class would get a scholarship of about $2000, while those who end the semester on 2.1 would get a scholarship of $1500 and the ones that end on 2.2 would get a scholarship of $1000. All these are on the condition of a valid and recent result or semester transcript. This is done to encourage serious students and letting students know the importance of academic excellence.

    Tuition Fees

    Though Staffordshire University is one of the best universities in the United Kingdom, the tuition of the university on the various courses of study are not expensive at all, they are low and affordable. The rundown of the tuition fees is shown in the table below:

    Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) £10,000 per annum
    Post-graduate by research (Mphil/PhD) £ 12,000 per annum
    Post-graduate courses £ 12,300 per annum
    Post-graduate studies (extended) £ 12,800 per annum
    Master of Business Administration (MBA) £ 13,950 per annum
    Law LPC and LLM combined £ 12,300 per annum

    The table above is the list of tuition for each programme in the university for the 2017/2018 academic year. These tuitions are to be paid when the admission process has been completed and carefully checked.

    Cost of living in United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom has been known for its expensive cost of living as a result of so many taxes to be paid there. This amidst many other reasons is the exigencies of the scholarship programs by the university and other establishments in order to ease the expenses of students in the schooling in the United Kingdom. The living cost budget of a student on the average is $370 per week. This could be higher or lesser depending on the price you pay for accommodation and other extra expenses but taking other taxes into consideration it is better to spend less extra expenses and save more miscellaneous.


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    Apart from the average extra expenses and miscellaneous, there are a number of taxes to be paid amongst which are council tax which is $40 per week and other utility taxes which is $60 per week. All these taxes and miscellaneous sum up to the earlier estimated weekly budget of an average student. The joy of it all is as much as the taxes are,there are other programs like scholarships and work/study to help cater for them all. Once one is ready to study hard and well, the cost of living should be no big problem.


    Staffordshire University is a world class university of international repute, and has won a lot of prizes and praises for herself. On a yearly bases the convocants have a lot of testimonies to share. The United Kingdom as a whole ranks this university as one of the best and on the larger scale she is also ranked as one of the best 400 universities in the world. Graduates from this university are second to none, the accommodation is neat, secure and sure. The application is made easier for international students from listed countries like Ghana, Nigeria, Norway, Japan, Cameroon, South Korea and many other countries. The admission requirements have made known that to understand English language is very paramount. The certificates to show knowledge of English language are required if not the equivalent exam is to be taken as earlier explained. The facilities are up to date and the the lecturers and mentors are seasoned. Finally the portal for application into the 2018/2019 year of study has been opened so check it out and start your application.

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