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Skidmore College: Tuition Fees, Acceptance Rate and Rankings

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    As it was with a few other institutions, Skidmore was established at a time when women were not allowed access to quality education. This institution began exclusively as a women college aimed at supporting and empowering the girl child. Lucy Skidmore thus established the school in 1903 using tons of cash she inherited from her late father, Russel Skidmore. This institution was chartered in 1911 and in 1922 it became an independent institution awarding four-year degree programs.Sometime In 1971, the Liberal Arts College officially became a co-educational school, and accepted its first group of male students. This article will discuss more about Skidmore College, acceptance rate, tuition and rankings inorder to help you make an informed decision.

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    The school currently houses 2,680 undergraduate students admitted into various programs. Given its roots, more than half of the students are female. Only about 35% of the total number of students come  from New York. Note that out-of-state students are admitted from other states and well over 100 countries across the world. It has a moderate ethnic diversity which can be attributed to its size. On the other hand,Skidmore College does not admit students for distance learning purposes; therefore, every student is expected to physically attend their classes at the school campus. You will find a teachers and facilitators for every eight students and roughly 79% of the lecturers are full time. This probably explains why the school has a very high retention rate. It has an on-time graduation rate of about 85%, which is fantastic news for most of the students.

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    Skidmore College is ranked as the 9th best college in New York, and 98th nationwide. This is per U.S. News & World Report which puts the school in the 41st position nationwide when overall performance is taken into account. General Business and General Psychology are the two main programs that have contributed to these statistics. In total, Skidmore does more than 40 different undergraduate programs nicely distributed across 17 fields of study (35 majors). There are more than 500 students who graduate every year with various degrees. You should not have any worries about its recognition because Skidmore is a fully accredited school. The institution has been audited and given the full pass by reputable regional and national agencies. Do read on to find out what you need in order to successfully join Skidmore College. Note that you have to be a fairly decent student to join because Skidmore College has a 29% acceptance rate.

    Students who are interested in music at Skidmore have everything to smile with the availability of a fully functional studio. Ewing Cole came out with Arthur Zankel which is not only known for its music production but also its environmentally friendly nature. Also when it comes to co-curricular activities, there are more than 100 clubs and organizations to choose from; not to mention the following sports. There are 19 varsity teams involved in football, basketball, hockey, and other popular sports.Note that all Skidmore Students are expected to live on campus throughout their four years of study.

     Acceptance Rate at Skidmore College

    Skidmore College currently has an acceptance rate of 29% according to the statistics gleaned from past admissions. In the 2018 admission session for example, more than 10,000 students applied but only 2,600 were offered places. Therefore, the application process is quite competitive and you should have a fantastic academic profile in order to stand a chance. Students who were admitted averaged either 650 in SAT or 29 in ACT. So you can use this stats and also include a recommendation letter in your submission. A recommendation letter from your high school teacher, would really strengthen your chances of becoming a Skidmore student.

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