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Romania: List of Low tuition veterinary medical Universities

    verterinaryAre you interested in studying Veterinary medicine at low/cheap tuition in Romania in English, French or Romania? It is undoubtedly one of the best study abroad options for veterinary studies in Europe (Bucharest, Cluj, Banat, and Iasi). The faculties of veterinary medicine at different good state Universities of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UASV) and private schools offer studies of veterinary medicine. The high quality of veterinary medical education, cheap tuition fees and low living costs, plus world class technical facilities and university hospitals and farms, diplomas recognized in every European Economic Area and beyond, save and friendly country, to name some, attract hundreds of international students dreaming to become Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.
    Faculties of Veterinary Medicine in Romania offer undergraduate and graduate (Doctorate /PhD or research) studies. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine in Romanian as integrated program (Bachelor and Master) is 6 year leading to Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Doctor Physician or Vet). It includes preclinical and clinical studies as all medical courses.

    Universities of Veterinary medicine in Romania:

    • Banat University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary; Medicine Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ;
    • Ion Ionesco de la Brad University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary; Medicine of Iași Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ;
    • University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ;
    • University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine;
    • Spiru Haret University, Faculty of veterinary Medicine;

    Veterinary medicine in Romania admissions

    Please note that application for admission to veterinary medical schools study requires certain documents which can vary from university to university.

    Documents required for the Veterinary medical University in Romania:

    • Legalized copies of your High School graduation diploma or its equivalent + detailed mark sheets/transcript with subjects and grades for high school years (certified copy);
    • An original copy of the passport ;
    • A legalized copy of the birth certificate ;
    • A legal medical certificate to confirm that the candidate doesn’t suffer of any infectious disease ;
    • Certificate of language competence (English/French/Romanian) – B1;
    • 4 pictures (passport size) ;

    Some faculties may require also:

    • The proof of payment of file processing fee in the University’s bank account of 30 euro fee
    • An essay motivating their choice of field (Veterinary Medicine) and the choice of university (UASVM Cluj-Napoca)
    • A certificate/certificates proving they have worked as volunteers in the community service or for associations concerned with the animal welfare.

    For those applying for PhD study, t*hey must add the university diploma and academic records.

    Tuition fees and living cost for veterinary medicine in Romania

    Tuition fees for veterinary medical study in Romania are the cheapest in Europe and vary from different universities and langaue of instructuction.

    Veterinary medicine in Romania tuition fees:

    • Bachelor of Veterinary medicine (English or French): 3200 to 4500 Euros/year;
    • PhD of Veterinary medicine (english or French): 3200 t6 6000 Euros/year;
    • Bachelor of Veterinary medicine (Romanian): 3200 to 3600 Euros/year;
    • PhD of Veterinary medicine (Romanian): 3600 to 4000 Euros/year;

    Living cost and other personally expenses may vary according to the live style of every student. However, expect the average living cost to be 500 Euros /month. Note that we have had students who manage to study with 200 Euro / month. Staying in student campus (if any free place) is cheaper that taking a flat.


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