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Melbourne University, Australia: Acceptance Rate, Ranking and Tuition Fees

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    Having quality education is paramount to you as a parent or as a student. Education, any at all, is the best investment you can make in yourself, or perhaps your child/ward. What makes education all the more worth it, is a standard one. The University of Melbourne is one standard investment that couldn’t go wrong, and which opens you up to an outstanding future and lifelong career if you so desire.

    The University was established in 1853, and was founded by High Culling Eardley Childers. The University is a public research University which is located in Melbourne city, Australia. It is the second oldest University in Australia, and the oldest one in Victoria. It has several campuses, all of them located across Victoria. It’s main campus, however, is located in Parkville.

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    Several residential colleges have become affiliated with the University of Melbourne, since 1872. The University also offers academic, sporting and even cultural programs. It as well provides accommodation for you, as a student at the University of Melbourne. The University is known for its higher education and research, as well as providing you a more practical experience, rather than just a structured and conventional form of learning.

    The University of Melbourne has a coat of arms, which is mostly blue in colour. There is also a white winged statue in the middle of four white stars, each placed strategically at the four cardinal points- North, South, East and West. Just beneath the entire coat of arms structure is a three-word motto written on a scroll in Latin- “Postera crescam laude.” This translates “May I grow in the esteem of future generations.” The University has indeed lived up to it’s motto- having grown for many generations, in esteem and prowess.

    If the University of Melbourne has caught your interest already, here are a few more things to consider;


    The University of Melbourne ranks first in all of Australia. It is not just Australia’s top University, but also has a high international ranking. It is a world recognized leader in education, research, teaching and excellence. University of Melbourne is a globally standard University.

    It is also known to be an international college, being 32nd in the world at large. The University has renowned researchers, as well as industry leaders as teachers, who makes sure that you, as their student, are prepared for challenges ahead of time.

    According to the Times Higher Education, Melbourne ranked 32nd globally, in 2017-2018. The Academic Ranking of World universities, however, placed the University of Melbourne 38th in the entire world.

    Melbourne is also regarded as the world’s “most liveable city.” The crime rate is relatively low, there are a lot of job opportunities, and the city offers wonderful arts and culture scenes. This all adds to making it an awesome and conducive environment for you to be, live and learn.

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    Tuition Fees

    The tuition fees at Melbourne University are dependent on the subjects you study; and not the course you are enrolled in. For every year you are enrolled, you would be charged for all the subjects you pick. Thaiy is, the higher the number of subjects you pick, the higher your tuition fees. This is so because a chosen course may have practical subjects, as well as theoretical aspects attached.

    Other expenses include cost of Visa and transportation (if you are an inspiration student), health insurance, materials for your course of study, accomodation and so on.

    Although the tuition fees differ from course to course, there is a general estimate ranging between $20,000-$42,000.

    You could find out how much the tuition is for the course you wish to enroll in. You do not need to get worried though, the University also runs a scholarship program, which you can apply for. There are also different student financial aid programs you can apply for if you meet the eligibility status and criteria.

    Acceptance Rate

    The University of Melbourne has a selective admission policy. The University always intends to keep it’s excellent standard in education and research. It therefore, has an admission rate range of 70 percent to 80 percent.

    Application Procedure

    While applying for an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne ensure you check that you have met all the entry requirements to apply to Melbourne. You can also check to know if you are eligible to apply for special entry schemes, scholarships and even bursaries.

    The first step to take when you want to apply to the University of Melbourne is to choose your course. Search for whatever courses which catches your interest, and then select- thus, beginning your application process.

    The next thing for you to do is to check if you are eligible- having all necessary documents and certificates. If you do, you can then proceed to checking the fees. If it is within your capacity, do proceed with your application.

    Here’s the not-so-fun part; you may have to wait a little while for a response from the school’s management. Ensure to apply with a valid and active email address, as this is the medium through which all communications would ensue between you and the university’s representative.

    You could also search for available scholarships peculiar to Melbourne University. Look up how best to apply for them, as well as what makes you eligible to apply for such scholarships and/or financial programs.

    If your application to the university gets accepted and you are offered admission in to the University of Melbourne, Australia, CONGRATULATIONS! You can now start planning for your accomodation and travel necessities.

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    The University of Melbourne provides you that educational prestige. Bagging a degree from such a prestigious University gives you a higher advantage in a very competitive society and world. At the University of Melbourne, you have access to thorough research processes and findings, as well as a highly standard and quality education.

    Also note that the University of Melbourne doesn’t admit only undergraduate students. If you are a graduate student, and seeking to advance your education, there is sure room for you at Melbourne, Australia.

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